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Get Ready
to learn your innate energetic pattern 

Kapha -
earth & water

Steady, caring, stabilising.

Pitta -
fire (& water)

Energised & focussed.

Vata -
Air & Ether

Flexible & creative.

suscribe form

Are you feeling excited about exploring your energetic profile according to the principles of nature?

Your personal energetic pattern is called DOSHA, and once you know your dosha, you'll be empowered to choose the:

  • appropriate activities,

  • meditation,

  • diet,

  • career

  • and so much more to suite your constitution so.

Understanding the rhythm of your dosha also enables you to plan your daily activities accordingly. 


In essence build harmony moment by moment and day by day in congruency with your natural essence.

Enjoy the exploration

Typical Energetic Patterns of nature

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