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Beginners 10 Day Yoga & Meditation Course

  • 10Days
  • 21Steps


Start to free your body of general aches and pain, bring some peace and calm to your life so you are ready embrace change any transition fully? Mindfulness and Meditation and Movement may just what you need!! Join this 10-day online beginners yoga course to re-align your inner strength, with flexibility and resilience, freeing the body of general aches and pain. The mindfulness classes will help pacify any anxiety and stress the fun stories associated with the key yoga postures will help you gain a new perspective of events and the movement will help free the joints of stiffness so the electricity of the life-force energy can flow freeing again. You will receive daily prompts explaining the theme for the day with pages of a journal so you can reflect on your experiences. You'll be invited to assess your general health and well-being at the beginning and the end of the course so you can evaluate the effect of the yoga practices over the course. Enjoy and I look forward to hearing how you got on.

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