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Meet the team

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Highly qualified Yoga Teachers and Therapists

​Support through your journey into health and wellbeing

​Integrate treatments with practices

​Each carry specialised knowledge

Meet Your Yoga Teachers

“Yoga is bringing fitness in body, calmness in mind, kindness in heart and awareness in life.” 

 Amit Ray, Yoga The Science of Well-Being

Melanie Knox

Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher;

Creator of Clarity Yoga Shala

Teacher Training, Ashtanga Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Pranayama, Thai Massage, Sonic Massage

Melanie loves working with people who feel overwhelmed, find spaciousness in their mind and body so they feel connected, centred and expansive so they can  100% present with the people whom they care for the most.


She merges intentions, with breath and joint free movement with her knowledge of energy lines that run through the body to help you recognize your own inner strength, resilience and amazing abilities.


“I love it when the spark of life starts to shine through the practitioners eyes; the joy when people get a breakthrough and the community which grows as people find connections between fellow practitioners.  It is also an honor to be able to create a space where people can just simply relax and enjoy their own personal sanctuary.”

Jessica Horn

Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher

Teacher Trainer, Mentor, Vinyassa Flow Yoga,

Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga Meditation, Pre & Post Natal Yoga

Jess teaches Yoga and Meditation for busy people, providing a place of calm sharing the amazing tools of yoga to help you access the space and tranquillity within.


She loves working with the breath to help you access the intelligence of the body as you are skilfully guided from one yoga posture to the next with ease.


“I truly believe that the tools of yoga that we have available to us can be a catalyst for inner and outer peace, when the practice becomes our way of living.”

Emma Arscott

Yoga Alliance RYT 200

Vinyassa Flow Yoga,

Restorative Yoga Teacher

Emma has a unique gift in helping beginners feel relaxed and comfortable as they embark on their new journey into yoga.


Here are some of the comments from individuals attending Emma’s classes:

‘I felt amazed at how much my body could actually do’

Emma  combines her teaching in Peru, Reiki and formal training in India,  helps people to dissipate the stresses from professional and domestic life interweaving breath, movement and dynamic meditation.


 “A lot of people don’t believe in their own capabilities and are shocked at how much they can really do.  It builds confidence.” Emma

Michel Bailey

Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher;

Creator of The Movement Sphere

Teacher Training, Ashtanga Yoga, PIlates, Personal Trainer

Michael has created a unique method of intetrating the mind, body and spirit based on 20 years in the fitness industry studying Callanetics, Yoga, Pilates and Physical Fitness.

His remarkable knowledge of the physical and energetic body has opened up a unique insight into the gross and micro movements of the body and the bio-feedback into the conscious and sub-conscious mind - to help you re-build and strengthen your relationship with yourself.

“I met you where you are and adapt  my teaching to suit you.  And together through mirroring listening and exploring we'll clear aches and pain of the mind and body  through understanding their origins and how the sit in the body. "  

Meet Your Therapeutic Team

Clarity Yoga St Albans

Joseph Rich

Aromatouch / Lymphatic drainage: Aura Massages

Joe is an Aromatherpaist who helps people by alleviating their physical pain and emotional distress through the use of essential oils. 


After the oils are distributed over the clients body Joe uses his unique technique and knowledge from his nursing background to stimulate organs in the body to distribute energy in order to re-establish their original balance.


            I have values which allow me to offer you a good experience when you come for your aromatouch massage.  I am a qualified nurse with a nursing degree, so particular about using CPTG oils (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade)  with oils derived from organic, indigenous plants in a  friendly, professional atmosphere. 

Clarity Yoga St Albans

Mahesh Varu

Ayurvedic Dr/Lifestyle Consultant

Mahesh is a highly qualified Ayurvedic Dr who helps people optimize their health through integrating dietary, psychology, herbs and oils to optimize your physical health and state of mind.


Coming from a University teaching background, Mahesh specializes in nutritional disorders and helping people experiencing stress, anxiety and depression.




           The key is to understand your core constitution with the elements of nature and balancing diet and lifestyle for your optimum health.

Clarity Yoga St Albans


Shiv Yoga Forum Leader

Clarity Yoga St Albans


I am a Shivyog meditation and certified AVS Master Cognitive Therapist.  I am part of the 'Not for Profit' volunteer team that runs weekly ShivYog Meditation forums which discusses, practices and explores the science of meditation as prescribed by the Himalayan Masters of yog.

Clarity Yoga St Albans
Lucy Adamson


Lucy has 15 years experience working in a variety for fields – including 10 years working with children and young people in local schools. 

She specialises in mindful practices and works holistically to help you integrate all aspects of your life so you find a place of comfort and peace.




          Sometimes you just need to talk ... especially if you are at a cross roads.

Clarity Yoga St Albans

With a wide range of yoga and treatment practices Clarity is the perfect place to enhance and extend your yoga journey. The guidance is calm, instructive and spiritual. I would highly recommend.

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