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Teacher Training

BRAHMA : Classical Yogic Wisdom for Contemporary Living  






YOG is often experienced as a feeling

of deep inner peace which is energised and alert yet calm, and this training programme will equip you to enjoy this experience and help other also to achieve this union

This training programme is designed to

         Add depth to your personal practice 

         Develop your understanding of the inter-connecting branches of yoga

         Developing your innate wisdom & intuition

         Becoming authentic to your personal gift in sharing the yoga practice


Our Intention

Our Pledge To You

To help you as an Apprentice Yoga Instructors  (AYI) to develop and clarify your  philosophy of yoga,

using traditional practice as well as the writings of more contemporary scholars,

so you can share the practice of yoga

in a way that feels comfortable and true to you.

This will be achieved by :

 holding sacred space so you can grow into a yoga expert

providing support so you can develop your passion

understanding your yoga energy through the alchemy of yoga

developing your vision as you step into your authentic self 

helping you develop your yoga style

build trust your inner guru as you receive the information, guidance to share what you love 

 helping you build a strong, healthy body using the Ashtanga Vinyasa System as a practice

building your confidence in helping others achieve an energised, yet calm, awake state of mind

creating the space so you can hear your soul spirit

It will do this by providing you with the skills, knowledge, experience and confidence to share the traditional practices of yoga in a safe, fun, effective way.

 Programme Content 

 click the red arrows at the left and right side of the image to see the full programme content



You'll learn how to teach beginners to advanced practitioners:

  • How to build the ARC of Strength

  • Anatomy & Physiology of the physical body

  • Create balance between flexibility and strength

  • Yoga postures & alignment

  • Application of adjustments: physically and with verbal cues


The aim of this module is to help you how to guide others how to

  • Improve their mental, physical and emotional balance

  • Use yoga postures holistically – eg to strengthen their vital organs

  • Find their inner strength & flexibility


The unique qualities of this Yoga Teacher Training programmes are:


        It’s practicality - meaning interactive and hands on, in class experience

        Emphasis is placed on the energy of yoga

        All teachings of from a traditional source

        Cross cultural - interweaving practices from Thailand, India & South America

        Small group for depth of learning and apprentice style approach

        Encouragement for you to find your authentic voice and style

        Multi-media: mixing one line with group teaching with class teaching

       Post course support so you don't feel alone once you start sharing your craft


Our next foundation Yoga Teacher Training Course - accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals is starting soon.

I would love for you to join us.

Join Our Wait List  to receive full details as soon as they are published. 


Until then, do download our policy document


The world needs more people to help raise the vibration of our planet. We'll do this by helping to expand self awareness using yoga practices and supporting you create a new evolution within your life.



"... being truthful about who you are, in order to unite and strengthen the connection of mind, body and spirit using acquired knowledge from science, yogic masters, traditional texts and personal experience, in order to live a blissful, content, abundant life...”

Welcoming Ceremony: India Retreat 2015

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