Yoga Schedules: Exploring Different Classes 

Whether you are taking your first steps to begin yoga or you are looking to deepen your experience, we are sure to help you find a way to enjoy this dynamic, flowing, cleansing yoga practice. 

To help you choose we've colour coded the classes:

             NEW TO YOGA or are looking for stillness, relaxation and quiet haven from the stresses of thE day


             6 MONTHS OR MORE PRACTITIONERS  looking to re-build your practice after a short break or

             eager to build your technique and repertoire of yoga postures ...  It’s all great fun


             MORE THAN 12 MONTHS PRACTICE and you enjoy a dynamic approach and looking to improve your inversions, play

             around with the ‘rules’ and challenge the edges of your practice.


Interwoven in all our classes practises for the mind, which may include pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra.  This wonderful combination is pure bliss and with an introspective approach you'll leave feeling positively rejuvenated.








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