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... the wonderful science of nature based on using herbs, oils and life-style values to maintain a sense of balance between the mind, body, emotions and spirit. 

Ayurvedic treatments at clarity are aimed to reverse symptoms of stress so you feel light and energised.  All treatments start with an initial consulation to indentify your constitution and any areas of imbalance.  The appropriate treatment and method of maintenance are then suggested.  So, take a look at the list below of treatments that are available.

Full Body Massage

Using heated medicated oil is called Abhayanga. 

Aimed to eliminate  toxins from the body via the lymphatic system whilst the warmth of the oils move you into a deep relaxation, to leave you feeling light and energised. (Remember: wear swim-wear for this massage).

​Treatment:      1 hour   
Price:               £45.00

Kizhi Massage

Is a massage using a warm 'cushion' containing a mixture of herbs and oils.
Your body simply melts under the gentle heat of the oils and herbs which are wrapped in a cloth bundle. They immediately get to work reliving joint and muscular tension    All you need to do is allow yourself to enter a deep relaxation, whilst the aches and pain are soothed away.  

Localised Treatment:  1hr   
​Price:                             £50.00


A Marma Point Foot Massage

 using warm, medicated oil and a smooth bowl of 5 metas to stimulating the reflex points, balance our electro-magnetic field and draw toxins out of the body.  It is  a very unique massage which is simply a divine and helps to reduce tension headaches and insomnica so a great preparation for a good nights sleep.

Treatment:  45mins   
Price:           £40.00


Bathe bathe tight, sore or spasmodic muscles or stiff joints in warm, mediated oil. This is a wonderful, non invasive, non manipulative treatment which you can continue at home using the blended oil that was prepared for you.

Typical Treatments
Lower Back             Katti Basti
Upper Back             Manu Basti
Knee Joint               Janu Basti
Chest                       Hrudh Basti

Each treatment:30-40mins     
Price:                  £40.00


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