Short 10 to 20 minute practices to do in your own time

Maintain and support your regular practice

Nurture your mind body and spirt

Safe for everyone

Enjoy in your own time

Free Resources for

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FREE Resources To Support Isolation

Our heart goes out to everyone touched by CORVID-19.  Many people are feeling over-whelmed, insecure and some frightened about the future. At Clarity Yoga Shala we aim to bring you some short practices that you can do whilst in isolation.  They are all safe for everyone and designer to  help you stay in the present (rather than worry about the future); keep you centred so you enjoy the simplest of things around you whilst at the same time  strengthen your lungs, body, mind and spirit.  

We do hope you find these resources useful.

Yoga Fun with

June's Yoga for Children

With a background as a head teacher and creator of Junes Yoga for schools, our dear friend as come out of retirement to share this short routine to bring you and your family together for some fund yoga during this time of isolation.  


Thank You June, with abundance of gratitude.

Kids Yoga with Sue Hart

Fun packed class for children via Zoom. 

Join in yourself and enjoy the creativity of seeing the world through the eyes of  a child.  It.s just fun.

Thursdays at 10:30am

Yoga Nidra

Enjoy 10 minutes guided meditation with this Yoga Nidra Classic written by the Bihar School of Yoga.


This is one part of a full Yoga Nidra routine, with a focus of improving mind-body connecting and developing concentration in a really nice, peaceful way.

New Community TV Channel


Delivered on a new, upcoming TV Channel, join in yoga classes designed to harmonise the mind, body and sprit .... with an Egyptian theme!


Saturday at 1:00pm until 1:30pm (ish)

Suitable for all levels - even complete beginners.

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