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Ladies Only Yoga Class

Designed to balance the physical, emotional and intellectual energy of the feminine so you can be 100% present for those who matter the most.  At last we are very proud and excited about offering our Ladies Only Yoga classes aimed at helping and supporting the female energy - chose from either a dynamic or restorative ways.  But the common thread is to allow the creativity, intuitive and collaborative nature of the female archetype to express itself in a safe environment for women of all cultures.

Slow Flow and Let Go
Thursdays at 8:00pm to 9:00pm

clarity yoga shala

Particularly during the summer months, these classes will focus on balancing the energy of the solar plexus - centre of processing thought, actions, emotions so the vital life force energy from the sun and disperses calmly to nourish our whole body.

This class merges gentle movements travelling from one posture to the next with complete mindfulness, wrapped in the gentle aroma of incense and melodic sound of soothing music for deep relaxation at the end of class.

  • Classical postures to balance energy of the solar plexus

  • ​Guided meditation to clear the mind

  • Calms the mind for a good night's sleep

​Suitable for all levels

Wheels of Energy
Saturday at 11:15am to 12:15pm

clarity yoga shala

A morning class designed to build strength and stamina by combining with the breath, yoga postures and mudras (or energetic seals) whilst tuning into the senses for depth of awareness. 

A mandala designed sequence encourages the expansion of energy as the body is used to create circle after circle, freeing the joints of tensions and stiffness.  This combination is created to all help connect with intuition, attune the sense of perception and to build a balanced energy of inner confidence. 

  • Yoga breathing techniques to promote a healthy womb 

  • Yoga postures to support and strengthen the womb

  • Guided, explorative mediation with visualisation to connect with the female energy 

  • Suitable for all levels

Whichever choice, being in the circle of women will stimulate shared experiences for greater comfort and confidence,so you can be assured that our mind and body will start to find and build their natural
​ for your overall health and wellbeing.


Feel calmer more often

Experience better mind-body connection

Become fully present with those around you

Become more centred so you can navigate through decisions and options calmly

Experience more energy to keep up with the children


Gain more pleasure in your everyday fitness regime, environment, and immediate universe​

"Clear instructions and supportive throughout the session. Teacher was very ​knowledgeable. Would recommend."

"Being a mother and a business owner, I find this class and down time invaluable. 
Already, after only a few weeks my back is feeling better. 

​This is definitely My Soul Time." 

Local business owner and mother of two year old baby. No previous experience of yoga.

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