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Melanie Ashley

Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher, Mentor&

Creator of Clarity Yoga Shala

Offering you Mind Body Spirit Transformation Practices

I’m Melanie

I love the transformational effect of yoga, the spark in the eye of practitioners when they discover something new, the glee of accomplishment when they achieve something that they originally thought impossible, and the wisdom they develop as the transformational effects of yoga take place .... both ON & OFF the mat.  Your Yoga Mat becomes your training space for life!

The ultimate approach to integrated practices

I bring to you the alchemy of yoga as a fusion of training undertaken in Europe, India, Thailand and Peru over the last 20 years. And of course, my best teachers and guides have been my students.

I help overworked and exhausted professionals navigate through draining life changes find mental clarity, physical strength and emotional stability by  reconnect them with their personal truths & values

​Where You Have Seen Me

Cranfield University Business School

Hertfordshire University 

Warner Brothers

St Albans District Council -One Life Programme 

Sheffield Star, Hertfordshire Life, Radio Verulam, UltraVision TV

Victoria Albert Museum (as a participant of a fashion exhibition)

Big Names
BBC : Nominated For Award in Customer Care,

The Prince's Trust
David Yates : BAFTA Award Winner Film maker and producer
Teachers : Richard Freeman, Paul Dallaghan,


Thai Yoga Massage (Kiara Balaskas; The Sunshine Network), Ashtanga Yoga (Michael Gannon, Manju Jois), Pranayama & Ayurveda at  Kaivlayadhama Yoga School, Yoga Therapy with Svasta Yoga School, Shamanic Practices with The Four Winds and The Inca School


Services Provided

Pathway to Peacefulness

- a transformational programme to empower people in the middle of a dramatic, unpredictable life change, to enjoy the life they envisioned for themselves. 

Yoga Teacher Training

sharing tools and framework to support potential teachers looking create an impact in the world 


 supporting fledgling yoga teacher to bring their craft alive  Retreat Leader

Course Creator

of bespoke courses

What Clients Say

"... she immediately struck me as a yoga teacher with a difference as she has a deep understanding of the bio-mechanics of each asana as well as the ability to nurture and heal through pranayama  and meditation"
- David Yates: Filmmaker, Director and Producer of Harry Potter, Tarzan, amongst others
What I Enjoy




Ritual 1 IMG_0343.jpg

What I Do


Yoga Classes


Pathway to Peacefulness


Teacher Training & Mentoring



Receive Private Tuition

Develop a personalised practice in the privacy or your own home or office at at time that works for you.  Choose the focus of your tuition ... for holistic health, to help with particular health issues, for additional support during a transition in career or personal life, to receive deeper adjustments of gain deeper insights. 


The approach is endless and we'll work together through a programme called 'Pathway to Peacefulness' or take a gentle exploration into yoga within the comfort of your own home with our 10 Day Online Yoga & Meditation Course

As practiced at
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