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Thai Yoga Massage

A unique and powerful massage treatment which originated in a Buddhist monastery to aide union of mind, body and spirit to allow them to shine their light.  

It aims to restore overall wellbeing by creating balance across the physical, emotional, conscious, and spiritual levels through the combination of acupressure points from China with the yogic principles and stretches from India with rhythmical pressure along the 10 main sen or energy lines woven across the body. 

It is a fully clothed massage which takes place on a Japanese futon, no oils are used and it is always delivered with ‘metta’- tender loving care. 


Back Massage

This treatment focuses on relieving tension in the gluteal, lower, middle and upper back.   Lots of stretches that encourage a 'forward bend' type   as well as a deep massage in the lumber area are included making this treatment great to eradicate tight muscles from golf, squash, tennis and other active sports

Stress Release

This is a deep massage that focuses on the use of acupressures points that help to reduce blood pressure, feelings of anxiety or feeling overwhelmed. 


Focussing on applied rhythmical pressure along the energy lines with gentle applied yoga stretches, this is perfect for busy mums, or if you are working on a mayor project with pressurised deadlines or recuperating from a major illness. 

Energy Balance

This is a vigorous massage incorporating acupressure points and applied 'lifts' during the massage as well as manoeuvring the body in many yoga postures for active stretching. 


Perfect if you are feeling fatigued.

Aid Digestion

The abdomen is one of the most common areas where we  hold our tension, and this can manifest in many digestive problems.   

This treatment re-sets the rhythm of the digestive system so compliments treatments for IBS, constipation as well as many stretches aimed to help drain your kidneys so the whole of your digestive tract can start moving again!

Sound Massage

using tibetan singing bowls

gentle, relaxing and deeply calming

non manipulative

positive results for people living with unbalanced nervous systems (e.g.  Parkinsons)

aids imbalances which results in insomnia, depression,

can reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, blood pressure

purify the subtle energy field blueprint

rejuvenate the DNA structure


Chakra Balance

Using 7 tibetan singing bowls, each of the the energy centres of the energetic body are re-tuned so they align and are in harmony with each other, bringing about calmness to the digestive system, respiration, cardio-vascular system as well as the nervous system

5 Elements Balance

Using the combined vibration and sound from 5 tibetan singing bowls can help to release emotional tension and blocks that can leave your feeling anxious, overwhelmed, lethargic, difficulty making decisions, difficulty sleeping and bring about a feeling of profound inner stillness and confidence.  

Sound Massage

The deep vibration of the master healing bowl and release tensions of muscles as well as massage the organs and re-set the balance of the mind as you transcend into universal consciousness and allow the new pure energy to flow through the open channels

Now that light which shines above this heaven, higher than all, higher than everything,

is the highest world, beyond which there is no other worlds,

that is the same light which is within man

Chandogya Upanishad 3.13.7

Continue to build your energy

Continue to shine your light

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