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Open Day
Re-Birth & Renwal.

Connect Deeply With The Yoga Practices by joining me, Melanie Ashley, and my co- teachers Jessica Horn and Emma Arscott for the re-opening and re-birth of Clarity Yoga Shala.

Following months of continuous change, isolation and separation we'd like to invite you to a day of clearing out the effects of the last 5 months so you can re-energise and top-up your resilience using traditional yoga practices.


We'd Love To Help
You Re-ignite Your Practice


Emma Arscott

It's an invitation to feel fresh, alive and re-newed before the Autumn settles


Jessica HorN

Shala classes are limited to maximum 7 people per class.


Melanie ashLEy

Re-build your strength, flexibility and resilience to cope better in an ever changing world.

We'd Love To Help
You Strengthen Your Immune System

Limited Class Size
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Dr Gina CHana

It's an invitation to explore the effect of the immune system on physical and mental health

We have pleasure in bringing two local experts to you at our Open Day. Michele Kingston - who specialises in evidence base clinical nutrition and Dr Gina Chana who specialises in bridging the gap between the NHS and a private consultation, acting as an advocate to assist diagnosis or upcoming investigations so you can make well informed choices about your health.

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Michele Kingston

Clinical Nutritional Therapist

Nutritional Insights and a healthy Immune System

What To Expect

The day will open with opening a sacred space using pranayama, meditation


Unfold, will be a total of 5 yoga classes themed along releasing the flow of energy along the chakras,

as we transform the energy of the root chakras into the higher vibrations of the heart and intuitive energy. 


Interwoven are the clinical approaches to keeping the immune system strong so you leave the day feeling vibrant and healthy, completely revitalised and empowered with knowledge to keep your internal defences super strong.

The day will close at 5:30pm with the cosmic vibration of Bija Mantra as we seal in our intentions for the new beginning.


Clear instructions and supportive throughout.  Would thoroughly recommend

yoga practitioner - Mo


We'd love to hear from you

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