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What Does New Moon In Taurus Mean

First eclipse of 2022 - what does the New Moon in Taurus will mean for you?

Here's a look at some of the astrological influences and how you can use them to your advantage.

Each eclipse open a window of six month in which this energy will feel active, however it’s feel always more intense during the actual event.

This is a good moment to set intentions and the connection with Taurus as it provides us with the energy of stability and determination. However this can feel ambiguous as we could have a sense of being overwhelmed and outside of our comfort zones. If this happens we might experience a “shaking” of our stability and touch our sense of insecurity.

But this is only happening to take us to the next level In our life path.

This energy might feel stronger for those with Taurus (north node) and scorpio (south nodes) in the their personal planets or nodes.

It’s time to look inside and answer those questions that have been holding us back and deal with its consequences, accepting whatever the outcome will be to improve our lives and allow the necessary spaces for what is meant to be in our lives.

It’s time to let go those material things or beliefs that we associate with security, but deep inside we know are not worth the price we are paying to keep them.

All this means is that now is a great time to acknowledge and release those thoughts, actions and behaviour through a deep meditation or yoga practice that will raise our vibration. Then layer the regular practice by acknowledging the non supportive throughs and consciously visualising how you would prefer to live, laugh and experience life, letting the energy of growth of this powerful new moon resonate and lift those thoughts to a higher plane..

I tried to make them sorter, and be very specific as there are quite a los of aspects happening right now. It might sound dramatic or scary! But, as always eclipses come to “shake us” and allow us to let go what no longer serves. Acceptance is key!

I look forwards to the next new moon, so I can be there! 💫

Yoga practitioner at Clarity Yoga Shala

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