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Pranayama Course

How to CARE, Reclaim & Maintain Your Life-Force, Pranic Energy
Broomadhyahi IMG_0908 crop 1_edited.png
Broomadhyahi IMG_0908 crop 1_edited.png
Broomadhyahi IMG_0908 crop 1_edited.png
Broomadhyahi IMG_0908 crop 1_edited.png

become more resilient, re-connected and radiant

feel healthy and vibrant most of the time


develop mindfulness and focussed with a clear, flexible mind


be calm, expressive, patient and present with those  you wish to support the most

NEW 5 Week Course Starts 3rd March at 1:00pm

How to feel calm most of the time

Todays' life seems to filled with juggling schedules, excessive travel resulting, lack of time, lack of rest and being low in energy which results in us being low in resilience and a reduced ability to cope.  Yet somewhere inside there is often a small voice encouraging us to do something different;  to try something different so we can create a different experience and our Short Pranayama Course could just provide the answer by guiding you with the skills, knowledge and technique in how to CARE for your life-force pranic energy.

Where-ever the stresses, the excess  pressure could easily overspill into our professional life into personal lives, domestic lives, relationships and our physical environment PLUS the energy created by this tension within the mind, emotions and/or body may express itself with through a foggy mind, irritations with people we care about, digestive problems, headaches, sleeplessness, tensions in the upper back and lower back. 


These are all examples of the life-force energy called (prana in yoga) stagnating in the body, mind or emotions despite having a healthy life-style of proper diet and proper exercise.   which means that developing additional practices within your health regime could help the flow of this inner life-force so we remain connected, full of vitality with a clear focussed mind.   

Limited Class Size

We'll teach you the secret to reclaiming & maintaining  a state of calmness


Cleanse the prana energy to clear your mind


Amplify  the prana to create a constant state of inner contentment


Retain the prana to build core resilience


Expand the prana for ever-lasting vitality

What You'll Learn

 breathing for physical, emotional and balance in the mind

our unique 5 part breathing technique which connects us to our energy centres as well as increase our lung capacity


4 classical breathing techniques to connect 3 essential parts of the brain: stabilise the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system and increases O2 cellular uptake

a 20 minute routine that you can use at any time in the day to suit your schedule.

a measure of the change in your your perception of your ability to cope changes using a process of self enquiry.

 This can be quite enlightening.

This approach will lead you naturally to a state or meditation when you can naturally observe thoughts, actions, behaviour, experiences which attract your energy and may leave you feeling depleted.  But through this inner observation you can explore alternative approach so you maintain your inner life force whilst still being supportive.  

FEE £79.00 for 6 hours tutoring

We'll Provide

Course Starts

A dedicated space, fully equipped with props to support the body and under floor heating for your comfort


Use of tried and tested traditional approaches which have stood the test of time, and supported by neuro-science

Learn in a small group and receive individual guidance

A smaller group makes it easier to ask burning questions so you can practice to the best of your ability

Develop at a pace which suits you

Email support outside of class time

Discounts on massage treatments at the Shala

Why Wait To Find Inner Peace?

​Start to feel calmer more often

Improved focus so you can do more in a shorter space of time

Become fully present and confident with those around you

Enjoy better sleep


Start to enjoy better digestion
Express yourself calmly and succinctly in your professional, domestic and social life


Integrate in your physical practice to gain more depth in your yoga class


Experience of an Accountant 

...    over all these months I noticed my general health has improved a lot. 
I am more in control of my feelings and my emotions and I feel a stronger person.
Health speaking, I recently had various blood tests and my doctor was really pleased for me as they were pretty good as they have never been so good for years.
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