Teacher Training 



200 hours Starts Feb 2021

The Programme


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Energy Lines

Using the ancient model from Thai Massage you'll learn how to sense the energy through touch, which will enable you to offer personalised guidance for a balanced practice

Clarity Yoga St Albans

Find your ART in Adjustments

Using the energy lines you'll learn how to offer appropriate adjustments with confidence, to help your practitioner gain greater depth in their asana practice

Clarity Yoga St Albans

Embrace the Beauty of Sanskrit

Refine, use and explain the sanskrit terms, names and count during your class to help set an rhythm 

Clarity Yoga St Albans

Become Your

Authentic Self

Develop your physical practice by attending technique based class or self practice so you experience more of your innate gifts that you have to offer

You'll Receive 


Training Facilities

All training will be at Clarity Yoga Shala which is fully equipped with everything you need to explore massage, breathing techniques and support for adjustments. 


Pre Requisite

Minimum of 24 months regular yoga practice

No operations in the last 6 months

Student insurance

Ability to attend all dates

"Now that light which shines above this heaven,

higher than all, higher than everything,

is the highest world, beyond which there is no other worlds,

that is the same light which is within man"

Chandogya Upanishad 3.13.7

Clarity Yoga St Albans




Continue to shine your light

and help the world dream and new dream