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Yoga for the Mind

Celestial Waves Meditation

A combination of sound bowl, mantra, guided mediation, affirmation and reflection. The themes are based on Joseph Campbell’s  Hero's Journey to help us explore our thoughts, values and beliefs in a creative way.


Celestial Waves

Our yoga practices for the mind can help you build inner resilience so you feel in control and centered in a world that is unpredictable and sometimes chaotic, especially if you are juggling children’s schedules, meetings, international travel. The ability to continue to express yourself calmly and exude patience can be a great gift. 

Mindful Practices

Using breath management to harness the fluctuations of the mind, and the real magic is developing a practice to expand lung capacity, link the breath with focus to direct the prana – or life force energy – within the body, for increased energy, stamina, and performance.

Mindful Practices

Advanced Pranayama

Suitable for people with a solid yoga asana practice, which will involve kris, extended exhales and breath retention as thought by Pattabhi Jois.

  Deeply, deeply cleansing and calming

Tuesdays 7:30am to 8:30am

with Melanie

Currently Suspended

expand the living breath

which will involve kris, extended exhales and breath retentio meditation focussing on building strength and balance in the respiratory system and the nervous system through use of classical breathing techniques from southern India.  Incredibly stabilising and centering  for the mind and emotions.



Friday 7:30am to 8:30am

with Melanie 

Shiv Yoga

We are proud to host the St Albans Forum for this traditional Himalayan practice of international acclaim, whose techniques have been tested and proven to increase crop yield and aid recovery from critical illnesses.

Shiv Yoga
Yoga Citta Vrittie Nirodah
Yoga is the ability
to still and calm
the fluctuations
of the mind.
Patanjali Yoga Sutra 1:2
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