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Warrior Two

Start Yoga or
Re-Connect Your Practice with

The  ART in Yoga Beginners Course
starts 27th June 2023

release tensions, stresses and stagnation

build resilience, strength and flexibility in mind and body

enjoy each day buzzing with a positive vibe.

Four of 60 min classes
Four meditations for home practice
PLUS Deep Relax & Reset at a Beginners Yoga Morning Retreat

Introductory Price  £90.00 

Experience Better Peace of Mind, Body & Spirit
through The ART of Yoga

Whether you are new to yoga or re-connecting with your practice, our shala provide a safe and welcoming space for beginners who want to explore the many benefits of yoga. Here you can enjoy:


  • classes  designed to help build strength and flexibility

  • build confidence with our three-step approach which are the fundamentals of most yoga practices

  • know you are doing it right as you receive personal guidance through the proper techniques

  • Experience peace of mind with mindfulness practices

  • renewal from the pressure of social, domestic, and professional life.


Whether you’ve never set foot in a yoga studio before or have been practicing for years, Clarity Yoga Shala is the perfect place to start your journey.

Active Awareness

By Active Awareness I mean being aware of your physical well-being, the well-being of your mind and your vibrancy. We will show you how to move better to release tensions in the gross muscle, resulting in greater range of movements, so your body feels light and free of aches and pain most of the time.    We will also show you how to breath like a baby again to increase your energy and remain centred in stressful situations

Girl Doing Yoga on a Rooftop

By Repetition I mean repeating techniques so they become automatic, paving the way for a safe, progressive development in YOGA Each week during our yoga programme , we repeat techniques covered the week before so that you become proficient.  And then we build our knowledge and experience so you become better, developing at a rate that is comfortable for each of the participants. 

Yoga Practice

By tenacity I mean after learning how to integrate the body, breath and emotions so they support each other.​Then, to keep going to increase their bond. This is so you can increase the harmony between your thoughts, actions, and behaviour for better experiences within your universal world – whatever the drama you are challenged with

You'll Learn

How to improver your focus with Mindfulness 

Relaxation techniques to help your mind and body to find their natural rhythm

Create strength with flexibility to free the body of aches and pain

Build Inner Confidence as you build your core strength

Improve your breathing so you increase your vitality

Improve your decision making as you develop spaciousness and stillness

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CYS Studio Inside.jpeg
We'll Provide
  • You’ll practice in a dedicated space, fully equipped with props to support the body and under floor heating for your comfort

  • Use of tried and tested traditional approaches which have stood the test of time, and supported by neuro-science

  • Learn in a small group of no more than 6 people for individual guidance

  • Receive personalised guidance to help you get the best from your experience

  • A smaller group makes it easier to ask burning questions so you can practice to the best of your ability

  • Yoga mats provided free of charge

  • Develop at a pace which suits you

  • Email support outside of class time

  • Discounts on massage treatments at the Shala

Course Details
Class Dates

27th June and  

4th, 11th, 18th July

Enjoy visiting the pure fundamental of a physical yoga practice with clear, expert step by step guidance.  There is no better way to start your week. 

Rest & Relax Morning Retreat

11:30am to 1:30pm       15th July

Enjoy an afternoon of yoga  embodying  a sense of calmness, spaciousness and deep relaxation.  We'll explore  additional aspects of yoga plus your class content.  Expect to leave feeling refreshed energised & blissful


Your blended beginners yoga course includes. 

4 In-Studio Classes

4 meditations for home practice


1 x 2 hr Relax & Reset Morning Retreat

Personalised guidance within a small group setting

Why Wait?
  • Start to feel calmer more often

  • Experience more confidence with better mind-body connection

  • Become fully present with those around you

  • Become more centred so you can navigate through decisions and options calmly

  • Generate  more energy to attend endless meetings or keep up with the children

  • Gain more pleasure in your everyday fitness regime, environment, and immediate connections

Woman in Yoga Studio.webp
Testimonial from
Self Employed Mother
Great service and really listened to what I wanted to get out of the sessions.
Not being strong or particularly fit I felt the exercises were suitable to my abilities​but also pushed me to a level I was comfortable with.
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