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What Is Your Current
State of Mind ?

A Grounding Meditation

For people experiencing endless, re-occurring thoughts, anxiety, symptoms of stress.

use this meditation if you are experiencing any of the following

highly reactive to people you love

the same re-occuring thought

a restless mind 

difficult decision making

accelerated heart beat

digestive problems

shortness of breath

foggy mind

mental fatigue


10 minutes everyday could help you experience piece of mind 


Download this meditation from our Kapha Collection to create the foundation to start managing your mind - for your best and long term health and wellbing

create space between  your  thoughts

your body to start to finding  it's way to a  place of balance

remind your mind of the pattern of calmness from the background music chosen for its correct calming  bio rhythm 

regain focus as the chatter dissolves

 feel centered, more confident and connected

remind the mind of beauty with the calming imagery - perfect if you'd rather keep your eyes open

This Meditation Will Set You
On the Right Path

Mel IMG_5409_edited_edited.png

Why I Can Help ....

Having been a practitioner of yoga for 20 years, a Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher of 6 years after training with many of the current masters of yoga and holistic health within this decade, I can safely say the key to decompressing the mind, body and spirit stems from how well we breathe.

It’s incredible that this power is within us. It is the foundation of everything. 

This practice could transform and enhance your life … and most certainly will set you on to The Pathway to Peacefulness: A Mind Body Spirit Transformation.

So, I do hope you enjoy this ebook.

Meditation is one tried and tested way to help bring clarity and focus to the mind.  With this your health and life experiences can be optimised.  Optimising your health can bring mind and body into harmony so that you can start pathing the way to creating the life you dreamed of living.  

Use this meditation to help ...

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