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Your Strength, Flexibility & Inner Wellness

Revisit Your Practice

Rebuild your Strength

Rebalance Your Energy

Reconnect with Your Soul Self

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Yoga Classes


Sometimes life can  interrupt  our  regular yoga practice – regardless of how dedicated we were.  But then a trigger may stimulate a desire to reconnect with your inner self,  inner peace and or the strength and flexibility once enjoyed.


Here are some suggested classes; courses and massages to help you reconnect with your overall sense of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing - dynamically

The Great Escape

  • An eclectic mix of Ashtanga Yoga flow for deep release, greater openings and lots of exploration

  • Suitable for all levels 

  • Restore the mind and body with breath work and resting in yoga postures

  • Deep guided or sound meditation  to allow the pranic energy to release tensions.

  • End feeling light rejuvenated and ALIVE. 


Ashtanga Mysore

  • Feel connected as neuro-pathways are re-established from practicing yoga in a traditional way according to South India’s approach

  • Experience the best relaxation ever

  • Enjoy connecting with a new dimension of yourself whilst improving your strength & flexibility at your own pace

Ashtanga Yoga Beginners

  • Continue from the Intro to Yoga Course

  • Develop confidence with lots of verbal guidance with time and space to enjoy each movement

  • Re-build the foundations of a yoga practice 

  • Re-build strength and improve flexibility

  • Relax deeply

  • Reset your whole system

  • ​End feeling light rejuvenated and ALIVE


Short Courses

Build technique to improve strength, flexibility and stamina by release stresses locked in the body. Each class is designed to remind you how to move better and learn postures and stretches to enjoy a greater sense of physical comfort, freedom and mobility so you can enjoy your daily activities – stress free!

Short Courses

Technique Workshop





It's all in the mind

Manifests In the Body

Feeds The Soul  Well

Half Day Retreats

  • Enjoy Deep Relaxation

  • Clear your mind

  • Guided  Meditation

  • Re-Connect with your Soul- Self in Ceremony

  • Add depth to your physical Yoga asana

  • Q & A

Find Out More

Holistic Massage

Link your physical practice with Holistic Massage to release joint pain and start managing a variety of physical and mental health concerns – holistically

Acupressure Neck Massage

Release Deep Seated Muscle Pain

Deep Tissue Massage with Joanne is perfect to release physical aches and pain which may have developed.  Great for neck & shoulders, runner knee, rotator cuff to name some of the common problems this massage can help resolve.​

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Improve Range Of Movement

Explore your body's potential to move and stretch whilst in a deep, relaxed state of mind with and Energy Balance Thai Massage.  It could just be the way to lift your energy and get it ready to re-visit your practice.

Mind Body Reset

A deep relaxation with the sonic tones of the gong or healing bowls is the perfect way to bring our whole system back into balance  so we feel ready to start a practice again.

Delve Deeply with In-Depth Training

Attain peace of mind my attaining knowledge of your your mind bod and spirit are united.  Based on ancient shamanic practices this practical course creatively allows you to explore each part of you and clear obstructions to your inner peacefulness. 

Pathway to Peacefulness

Develop the wisdom to know which practices to use to  deepen the connection between mind body and spirit. Explore the appropriate and become a yoga alchemist to create congruency within your mind, body, intellect, wisdom and emotions.


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Yoga Growth
White Sand and Stone

"In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you"
- Deepak Chopra

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