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27th to 30th August 2022

How to Evolve Your Yoga Classes 



Elevate & Evolve your energy to create inspirational, transformational experiences  


Does this sound familiar?


Feel limited in executing the change you'd love to see


Are disempowered by the limitations of the environment you are in


Wish to create a new perspective for your students with deeper meaning

Does this Sound Familiar

Feel at a crossroads within your life or profession 


Know you are influential within your tribe but somehow you know intuitively that something is missing, but you cannot quite put your finger on


Feel lost, scattered and cannot quite link all the pieces together in any meaningful way.

You’ve explored many options

... but still, you feel there is something missing that could propel yourself – or your team – through current the current turmoil, to find a new way of achieving your purpose.

You've explored many options
Dancer_ IMG_0346.jpg

You long to ...

Express your ability to create change and transformation within your professional capacity 

Become more effective within your work by finding an extra dimension to share

Help your class grow with depth & wisdom as well as flexibility and strength

Be in the company of like-minded people who strive to live with ethics and vision just like yourself. 

Be in a constant flow of inspirational stories & stimulate food for thought in your practitioners

Be confident in developing meaningful spirituality and depth of consciousness within your practitioners

I Hear You

I hear you

My name is Melanie and so many of my clients experience the same thing and turn to yoga to try and find the missing link. 

BUT after hearing their personal story and realising they need something more powerful than a mind-body class; we start on a journey of ‘union’ of the physical body, emotional, intellectual with great focus on spirituality – but not as you know it!!!

This spiritual practice can really make a difference by raising your awareness using real experience, knowledge and wisdom that you already hold. 

You Can ...

Illuminate with Confidence
& Creative Energy 

Recapture & Share
Your Pure Essence through
Ritual and Ceremony
to encourage a transformational, safe and evolutionary experiece

girl1.png (1).jpg

This Spiritual Practice is called
The Munay-Ki


Our Testimonials


I can now thank my body for crashing out on me, as now I have a new map to create the future I dreamt of for myself, knowing it is OK just to be who I am and that I do not need to blend or fit in with others

-Project Manager

You might be frustrated or even feel stuck and strive to find a new way to present the secrets of yoga. 


Some teachers even go through a period of self doubt, or experience a foggy mind and need to re-ignite their inner light  


Others may go through a period of conflict between how their heart wishes to share yoga practices v's expectations and perceived views of what yoga is.

Yet, pressures of the world we live in might seem to present  limited solutions in order to survive within this current economy.


So, many people within our profession continue doing what they  do, stuck within this dimension until one day something beyond your control happens. 

Time stands still. 

Your place of practice closes down; your students find new ways to feel good about themselves;  your body burns out or you become depleted  …

Something Beyond Your Control Brings Your Life As You Are Experiencing It

To A Stop! 

What if you had the tools to create the change you wish to see in the world?

to navigate safely, with confidence and design the future you dreamed of?


It is never too late 
NOW could be the time to develop A NEW MAP!

Imagine how different your life experience could be ...

Imgine how diffeent your life experience could be

If you could

Image by Allef Vinicius

Reconnect With Your Inner Compass to navigate a new direction which offers increasing value to each day

Young Man with Tablet

Stand Out in a system with no fear of needing to blend or fit 


Create a Path that you could trust and manage according to your own timeline, beliefs, and ethics


Free Your voice & ideas so they are heard. 

Introducing The Rites of The Munay-Ki 

Th Rites of the Munay-Ki
Ritual 1 IMG_0343.jpg

The Munay-Ki Rites are Rites of Passage which will be delivered as a 4-day masterclass, by which you will receive energetic coding to connect you to the soul energy of the Mother Earth.  

By receiving the rites, you will explore aspects of the feminine archetype as represented within nature to enable you to:

  • create a field of protection for yourself and others

  • create space to create your future

  • recognise who you really are and your purpose

  • re-discover your innate wisdom, higher-self and innate truth


Once received, you will also be able to share the Rites of Passage with others.

By participating you will create and develop a map to help you ...

Praticipatin will hel you...

Build your confidence by enhancing more creativity to help elevate yourself and others

Become centred and dare to explore options which may have possibly felt impossible

Take people on a journey during your presentations or classes (for example) so you can create camaraderie within a group 

Be able to create healing from potential conflicting situations so everyone is in a positive flow

Develop a deep sense if inner calmness which is grounded in your personal security when life’s dramas affect you

Find your innate power from negotiating between your fears and your intuitive self

Feel complete as you bring all your knowledge and wisdom together so you be more creative in problem solving

Enjoy a set of practices within your personal development so you can strengthen and expand your connection to your soul and authenticity

Trust your innate wisdom to be your internal compass in navigating the future you dreamed. 

In addition this map could ...

Support and revitalise your professional skill set

Help you develop your own workshops or groups

Help you be of greater support to friends, family or in a professional capacity for their higher good

Assist in decision making by consciously inviting the feminine wisdom 

Increase creativity at professionally or personally

Sharpen focus and achieve more, quicker

Develop greater inner calmness to feel spacious and light