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Reflection of Monks Crossing a Wooden Bridge

Find Your Inner Calm with Mindful Practices

Work towards freedom of movement

Improve mental wellbing and energy flow

Enjoy Better Sleep

Gain More Focus to meet important deadlines

Enjoy more quality time with your family & friends

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Gentle Yoga Classes

Our Beginner Friendly Classes provides the time and space

to reduce such symptoms in a safe, supportive way so you remain motivated.

Yoga Clases

A Delicious Delight

  • Suitable for all levels 

  • Restore the mind and body with breath work and resting in yoga postures

  • deep guided or sound meditation  to allow the pranic energy to release tensions.

  •  End feeling light rejuvenated and ALIVE. 


Soul Flow Wednesday

  • Stimulate your creativity by recharging your energy

  • Stimulate new ideas with a refreshed mind

  • Awaken the song of the soul with breath work

  • Meet like-minded people who enjoy carving a life they dreamed to live

  • Reacquaint yourself with your hidden gifts

  • Re-connect with your soul purpose from aligning your body, emotions with your mind

Journey For The Mind

  • Listen To Your Soul Self with

  • Gain deep personal incites 

  • Profound reflections

  • Raise your vibration

  • Let your soul inspire you


Short Courses

Working through all aspects of the mind and consciousness can help you experience a good nights sleep; pacify worrying nerve impulses and certainly improve mental health.  A clear relaxed mind opens up the ability to meet responsibilities without getting involved in the drama.

Short Courses

Delve Deep Meditations & Mindful Journeys

Create and build inner resilience, deep set calmness, clarity of mind to gain a new perspective with our monthly meditation programme.

Replenish & Restore
4 Weeks Yin Yoga

  • Experience a soothing and calming way to melt tight muscles in the hips, lower back, shoulders

  • Experience emotional and mental relaxation as the body relaxes 

  • Take these experiences into your everyday life


Release conscious and unconscious thoughts, beliefs and behaviour by simply following a daily pranayama practice. It's a gentle massage for the nervous system - and a tonic for the mind.

Holistic Massage

Link your physical practice with Holistic Massage to release joint pain and start managing a variety of physical and mental health concerns – holistically


Soothe The Mind Through The Body

An Abhayanga  oil massage can aide relax the mind and soothe tensions using using heated, medicated oil , perfectly blended according to your constitution when you arrive.


Create Space
In Mind & Body

A muscle melt massage can target specific spots, releasing blockages within the body thus freeing its entanglement with the mind


A Refreshing Relaxation

The depth of relaxation from Reflexology from Joanne, can be as effective as 8 hours sleep.  Leave feeling refreshed with a bounce in your step.

Delve Deeply with In-Depth Training

Unite mind bod and spirt with our Pathway to Peacefulness Programme to access the root of discomfort within the body whilst re-connecting with your soul purpose

Pathway to Peacefulness

A comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing which integrates the mind body soul and spirit energetically. 

This unique combination creates unity and harmony as the practices are bound according to the forces of nature.

Munay Ki

Create health and wellbeing through ceremony,  energy transmission, archetypes and journey.  Combined with the Shamanic Map of consciousness for long lasting change

White Sand and Stone

"In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you"
- Deepak Chopra

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