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NEW Mindfulness with Pranayama  Course 

Reclaim & Maintain Your
Vital Pranic Life Energy

Is This Your Daily Experience?

  • Juggling schedules ... 

  • Excessive travel ... 

  • Lack of time ... 

  • Lack of rest  ... 

  • Low in energy  ... 

  • Low in resilience  ...

  • Reduced ability to cope. 


This stagnant energy may express itself  through a foggy mind, irritations with people we care about, digestive problems, headaches, sleeplessness, tensions in the upper back and lower back.

Yet somewhere inside there is often a small voice encouraging us to

do something different ... try something new  ... create a different experience

Start Feeling
Healthy & Vibrant Each Day

Dandelion Leaves


 Develop a inner glow as you're guided 

techniques in how to CARE for your life-force pranic energy

 feel healthy and vibrant most of the time as

you apply your skills and new knowledge


develop a clear, flexible mind as you are guided into mindfulness practices

 become more expressive and present with those you wish to support the most


create more impact as you connect with your natural, authentic self.




Despite having a healthy life-style of proper diet and proper exercise these symptoms of stress could spill over into our professional and/or domestic life and various relationships.  


This could mean is that developing an integrated mind body spirit practices within your health regime could help the flow of this inner life-force so we remain connected, full of vitality with a clear focussed mind.  

What You'll Learn From Our
Mindful Breathing CARE Programe 

Limited Class Size


Our unique 5 part breathing technique which integrates your vital centers of energy


 How to clear the mind with classical pranayama including kriyas:


Stabilise the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system and

increases O2 cellular uptake

How to use conscious breathing to massage your vital organs so they last longer

How to increase the oxygen flow to your vital organs so they last longer


A 20 minute routine that you can use at any time in the day to suit your schedule.

How mastering conscious breathing can change in your perception of your ability to cope


How to observe your thoughts without the reactive emotional responses

 This can be quite enlightening