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   “the medicine of the future will be frequency medicine”

- Albert Einstein

Gong Meditation Immersion

6:15pm to 7:30pm on Friday 31st May 
Full Price £20.00  
20% discounts for active practitioners of Clarity Yoga Shala 

Stop mental chatter and "monkey mind"

  • the gong sounds entrain brain waves into a calmer more centred state

Reduce stress 

  • the sounds of the gong are soothing and help the physical body release tension

Manage anxiety 

  • the gong vibrations bring us back to the present moment in a safe environment

Improve sleep 

  • a sound bath is very soothing and better sleep is a common outcome

Feel calm and relaxed

  • for any busy person, a gong bath gives you permission to do nothing but lie down, relax and let sound do the work to restore you on the physical, emotional and mental level

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"Mark's gong bath was so relaxing, the different sounds and vibrations really felt incredible.  One hour went by so quickly and I slept like a baby for the next two nights. Couldn't recommend Mark enough."


~ Phoebe Shergold-Willis, St Albans

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"Wonderful session with Mark, I didn't know what to expect but he spent time explaining and introducing the Gong bath, it was absolutely fantastic. Make sure you try it with Mark."


~ Chris Smith, St Albans

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The gong bath was really incredible and all the participants (my siblings) loved it including my mother who had no idea what the session was going to be. 

~ Amanda Tizard, London


Enjoy a Unique Sound Immersion and
experience a possible future of medicine

6:15pm to 7:30pm on Friday 31st May 

Clarity Yoga Shala, 65 Hatfield Road

St Albans.  AL1 1RR

0796 8823166

All in the safe space of Clarity Yoga Shala.
Underfloor Heating, Mats, Cushions, Blankets and light refreshments provided.


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