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Add Meaning & Context
to Your Practice

Add Depth To Your Practice

Add depth to your asana practice for a deeper experience 

Create greater stability of the mind and body

Improve self awareness

Suitable for practitioners of all levels ready to embark on the inner practices - or explore the last 4 limbs - of yoga


Gain the knowledge and wisdom of how to care for and extend your life-force (prana).  Traditional breath-awareness with a modern context

NOTE:  This course is also a. module within Yoga Teacher Training Programme




Great, if you are looking to manage your mind for greater inner awareness which may just change your experience of your day to day world. 


Suitable for all.


Technique Workshops


If you are a yoga asana practitioner looking to add more breath to your practice, then these workshops are great to highlight the techniques necessary to access more challenging asana than taught in the average group yoga classes


Online Yoga & Meditation


Add context to your yoga practice by fusing the appropriate meditation with the appropriate asana practice and embody the mythology behind key postures.  You'll learn how to apply your yoga to. help transform everyday conflicts into seeing a new perspective.

Suitable for all.  No previous experience required.

Spiritual Development

Develop Your Spiritual Practices

Bring your yoga insights off the mat by add meanig and context to your practice

Choose from 2 hours to a 3 month experience

Bring a sense of spaciousness to everyday life by overcoming physical, emotional or spiritual limitations

Make a difference to your experience by developing appropriate practices for yourself 

Rock Maze

The Munay Ki


If you are looking to gain context, direction, magid and a new way of seeing the world, you'll love the practices of the Munay Ki.  Rooted in the traditional practices of South America, this doorway into the Shamanic practices will re-align you with your soul purpose - for the greater good.

Suitable for all levels. No previous knowledge of experience necessary - thought knowledge or the energetic anatomy would be useful.

Pathway To Peacefulness

An integrated transformational programme to transform, symptoms of stress into sources of energy and vitality using traditional practices from around the world

1/2 Day Retreats

Spend 2 hours in deep rest for rejuvenation of your inner wellness with movement, sound and stillness.  This is your perfect re-boot following those intense moments in life.

Suitable for all.  No previous experience needed.  Just curiosity and a desire to rest!

Professional Development

Gain CPD Points

Reveal more of your authentic self by sharing the pathway to peacefulness with others

Delve into the teachings of indigenous yoga practices

Suitable for practitioner with a minimum of two year yoga asana practice

Professional Development

Bhramari - Yoga Teacher Training

This is for you if you are looking to support others to receive the same benefits that you love and experience from your journey into yoga.  Become familiar with techniques, knowledge and wisdom to create the unique mix which helped in your becoming - so others too can live their authentic live


Adjustment Training

Yoga teachers in particular will benefit from developing appropriate techniques to offer energetic adjustments  to their tribe.  Yoga practitioners will benefit from observing, exploring and experiencing how adjustments will deliver the perfect experience in their yoga practice.


My Promise to You

To provide a unique, creative, explorative experience to health and wellbeing based on traditional, indigenous practices and following these values:


To be true to the traditional guidelines of the practices as they were taught to me


To share the wisdom  knowledge based on tried and tested techniques


To honouring training received from my teachers and living masters of yoga


To put the wellbeing of you - the practitioner - first

Stonehenge at Sunset

 "The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures, but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships"


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