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 Relieve Physical Aches

Deepen Your Mindfulness Practice & Access More Energy In Your Daily Life 

 Pathway to Peacefulness 

for Integrated,  Mind-Body-Soul-Spirit Transformation

Are you ready to:

  • Release physical body pain (even though you live a healthy lifestyle)

  • Feel in control because, at the moment, your body tends to respond erratically (and you often experience sudden asthma, a racing heart, digestive issues) 

  • Increase your energy levels (as it feels like you’re constantly on edge)

  • Feel light, healthy and vibrant as signs of stress leave your body

  • Feel confident in your abilities again

  • Regain your self-belief in yourself

  • You feel knocked down so many times (and there is no energy left to build your resilience to survive)

Image by Anthony Tran
Meditating on hillside

The good news is…

There is everything to look forward to.

Life transitions can be subtle and creep up on you without you even realising it, but you can make a move toward something better.

We all have roadblocks that inhibit us from taking care of ourselves. We are so busy with the hard decisions we often overlook “The Soft Choice” of self-care.

An integrated yoga practice can help you to decompress from your life of stress and help you reconnect with mind, body and spirit.

It Might Be That

Your spirit is calling out to you for help right now!

by way of a full mind and body experience that can quiet your mind to help you find peace, stability and a sense of steadiness in your busy life.

Calm Sea


Pathway to Peacefulness

Pathway to Peacefulness is a 12-week, integrated mindfulness programme that unites yoga, meditation and spiritual awareness to help you alleviate stress and access more calmness in your day-to-day life. 

My unique Pathway Framework will guide you through the 6 P’s: Perceptions, Physicality, Position, Passion, Psalm and Practice for complete integrated mind/body/spirit transformation.

Balancing Rocks

Pathway to Peacefulness is for you if you want to… 

  • Enjoy quality time with those that you care for the most

  • Have the energy to play games with your children and grandchildren 

  • Improve performance in your favourite sports

  • Feel confident, vibrant and in your flow 

  • Be able to laugh and enjoy life

  • Improve your focus to achieve more in a shorter space of time

  • Remain centred so you can explore hard and soft choices

  • Create more space when feeling overwhelmed

  • Remain your best despite the never ending stream of distractions  

And when you move through this program, you may begin to notice: 

  • Sharpened focus

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Better decision making

  • Increased creativity

  • More calmness

  • Fewer migraines, less pain, better sleep 

  • Increased flexibility in mind and body

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How It Works

Through yoga, meditation and spiritual practices, Pathway To Peacefulness is designed to help you integrate more healing and relief in your daily life through four easy steps.

Why You’ll Love It

Reason 1


  • Initial assessment of your current perception of your landscape, physicality and energy

  • Practices chosen according to your personal constitution

  • Regular review

Rock Balancing
Reason 2


  • Healing means developing congruence between how we think, how the body reacts and our behaviour  

  • Recognise patterns and triggers of motivation and depletion

  • Mobilise your energy

Reason 3


  • Practice at a pace and depth that is comfortable for you  

  • Increase all-round strength and flexibility

  • Watch your general overall health improve

  • Enjoy more buoyancy

  • Learn how to choose your frame of mind to match any situation
    Become aware of the bio-feedback between the mind and body integration 
    Create your personalised stress hygiene model for your holistic health
    Integrate appropriate practices which support each other energetically

Reason 4


Compass Pointing North


Reason 5

Move stagnation into imagination & creation

  • Be secure in deep rooted strength 

  • Exude inner confidence

  • Create a map so you always have a route to follow when times get tough

Reason 6


  • You will find a safe place for healing & renewal throughout the program.

  • Build positive relationships between the body through yoga postures & the mind with journey meditations & energy balance with breathing techniques

You can start creating the life you imagined for yourself.

I promise you that this is just a moment in time, and many people who incorporate yoga into their lives notice: 

  • Reduced stress by about 30%

  • Improved health issues such as lower blood pressure, improved sleep

  • Increased physical strength 

  • Improved energy so you can accomplish more

  • Enhanced moods and focus

  • Increased availability to others so you can be supportive to others when called upon

  • Clearer decision-making due to improved focus

  • Improved flexibility physically, mentally and emotionally

  • A belief that deep-rooted dreams could actually come true...  and YOU can too


Join our wait list to receive full details of the programme when registration opens 

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