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Infuse Your Energy Field
For Profound Healing, Transformation 
Receive The Rites of the Munay Ki

Re-connect with your purpose
Transform past wounds into strength
Cope better when overwhelmed

Navigate complex problems from developing your internal map
Develop self belief as you connect with your inner spirit

Allow your voice to be heard 
Connect with a lineage of healers  

During training in the Munay Ki you'll:

Create depth of awareness to see things as they really are 

Experience profound release as you clear past wounds

Revitalise your core essence after burn-out 

 Feel lighter as you clear energetic blocks

Vibrate at a higher frequency as you invigorate your energy field

Trust your intuition as you align your mind, body and emotions with your core beliefs 

Access the teaching in the tradition of the Q'ero Shamans of Peru 

Dare to dream and reclaim your life purpose

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Experiencing the Munay Ki
Can Transform Your Perspective

Energetic Empowerment


The energetic transmissions help you come to terms with past wounds so you can experience life in a different way

With energetic empowerment you'll gain confidence to express your voice positively when faced in conflicts

The energetic transmissions are delivered as 9 Rites of Passage which infuse your energy field with high frequency vibration


Healing & Transformation

The rites of passage will help you release old patterns and embrace your authentic nature.

Blockages will be removed to create space for your core being to shine through

You'll activate your wheels of energy and infuse them with light

You'll gain the know-how to transform past pain to inner strength & confidence

Connection with Spirit & Higher Consciousness

You will connect with spirit and higher consciousness for your souls empowerment. 


 You'll build and share practices which connect you to the Mother Earth, the universe.


You'll develop the ability to shape your energetic blue-print to create the life you wish to live

Following Training You'll

Be able to support others in a profound way

Be connecting into a lineage of a 500 year tradition


Be empowering the eye of your soul, wisdom of your heart and integrity in your beliefs


to receive full details of the Munay-Ki and training

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