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 How To Help Yoga Practitioners Experience Greater Depth in YOGA  ASANA 

For People Ready To  Develop Their Teaching Skills

Teach More Than Amazing Stretches 

  • A review of hands on assist to help your yoga students achieve a deeper experience

  • A merger of meridian lines, Ayurveda and Anatomy

  • Support your  practitioners work towards the best alignment for their mind and body

  • Attune to use of senses and vibration within the body

  • Know when to use verbal cues and when to use physical adjustment

  • Attuning to the practitioner state of being so you work with the student to the best of their ability

Perfect For

Aspiring yoga teachers
Yoga Practitioners looking to deepen their understanding
Body Workers looking to enhance their
core skills

Move Stagnation Into Flow  

4 Parts To
Amazing Adjustments Training

5 hrs
Embracing Energy Lines 

Adjustments Training
(Physical & Energetic)

In Class Assisting
with Adjustments 

Workbook Manual

Let's Start Transforming Energy

Explore the critical three energy lines for yoga asana

Sense the balance and imbalances within the energy lines

Learn to to apply adjustments using stretches from healing practices of Thai Yoga Massage

Use the map from ancient Thai Massage

How to create joint free movement in the hip joint

Align in your body to create a therapeutic forward bend

Feel balanced when Adjust Back Bends Rotations, Inversions

Deliver appropriate verbal cues

Discover Your Authentic Style


Feel stronger , balanced, in-control as you connect with your authentic self

Develop confidence to deliver appropriate verbal cues without having to do the posture yourself


Know how to guide your students energetically


Know recognise the state of mind of your practitioner and how to guide them into a relaxed state


Know how to offer physical adjustments with feel nourishing


Know how to make your clients feel completely balanced during the savashana - by applying appropriate accu-pressure points


Know how to deliver a 1 hour energy balancing Thai Massage


Know how to increase a practitioners range of movement by applying appropriate Thai Massage Techniques to the joints


Feel comfortable working in collaboration with the overall creator of health & wellbeing for the greatest good of your practitioner

Feel open to experimenting and creating  your own, unique style

More creative options may become open to you

You'll feel more confident to take your next step in your life's transition.

  Move Stagnation Into Flow  



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to be the first to receive dates of the next course

A1 Adjustment Training TT Course_edited.



Qualification of anatomy and physiology 

Knowledge of pranayama

Knowledge of Ayurveda

Yoga Teaching Accredited

Enrolled onto Bhramari Yoga Teacher Training

You'll be assessed on :

How you deliver and cue physical adjustments

How you deliver and cue energetic awareness

Your choice of adjustment

How you physically position yourself

How well you listen to the clients body before adjusting

  Move Stagnation Into Flow  

What Others Have Said

Thank you So much for a beautiful opening to FIND YOUR FLOW. LOVED your Warrior sequence and story of. Shiva.  I used the relaxation for two cycles of the awareness. Then calmly sat journaling in the silence. Thank You.  I'm excited to be on board.  Congratulations on this.

Hi Mel, I'm enjoying your three step approach to sharing your love of yoga.  I'm also loving the way you tell the story, followed by yoga practice, then yoga nidra/mindfulness.  what a wonderful way to be .... thank you  🙏🏿

I'm really enjoying it, I love the mix of philosophy and mindfulness and I particularly  enjoyed being able to do it in my own time, it was like being in class with you (which is always a pleasure) but without the pressure to stick to a time, with with my current working from home is quite changeable

Another mindfulness check completed with thanks. It was extremely settling and leaves a sense of being grounded

Your Iyonie Yoga gives me a better sense of better being connected

Why I Can Help ....

Having been a practitioner of yoga for 20 years, a Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher of 6 years after training with many of the current masters of yoga and holistic health within this decade, I can safely say the key to creating transformation for your practitioners within their mind, body and spirit stems from how you can help them deepen their experience of yoga.

It will help them access incredible power that is

within each of us. It is a support for their phsyical practice.  

Delivering great adjustments - which takes the practitioner beyond amazing stretches  - is part of your and your clients journey. 


I look forward to supporting you along the way.

A Reminder Of What's Included

Join The Course

5 hours embracing the energy lines with an introduction to Thai Yoga Massage

15 hours in class adjustment training 

 A manual to record the physical, energetic and inspirational ideas 

5 hours In Class Assistance

You're never alone. 

Email support or connect with our community and Keep Going

30 CPD Points recognised by Yoga Alliance Professionals

Confidence as you find your voice and presence of authenticity

Find and recognise your niche

Improve your perceptions and awareness to read where a practitioner is in their practice.

  Move Stagnation Into Flow  

Evolve your teaching  and help others gain more than amazing stretches

I'm waiting to support you
through this journey, and excited to see your transformation 


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