Celestial Waves

A Monthly Meditation Programme

ARTI  to Experience Better Peace of Mind

We are proud invite you to immerse yourself in the wonderful, gentle sonic sound waves of the Tibetan Healing Bowls and Gong during our monthly meditations, which co-inside with the rhythm of the moon.  Welcome to Celestial Waves Meditation. 

The  meditation programme is designed to take you on a journey of self discovery to recognise your innate gift and share it within your world.  We'll follow a process of Affirmation, Reflection with  Time to acknowledge Intuition ... ARTI; and we'll set the monthly them based on Joseph Campbells' Hero's Journey.

Imagine how you would feel by investing just 90 minutes to allow your mind to rest from processing day to day activities, bring closure to projects and events that may have been hanging around for the last month and to re-charge your mind ready for the adventures of the unknown in the following month. Such is ARTI ... the process to help you attain better peace of mind.

Just 4 Simple Steps


 By affirmation I mean being aware of the thoughts in the mind which guide our actions and behaviour so we can work out how well they support us in our quest for peace of mind, so we can replace the non-supporting thoughts with a better one which will take us closer to this place of calm, centred control.


How often do we get to actually contemplate and reflect on the immediate world around us and how it impacts us and the impact we have on it. 

​In our monthly celestial meditations we use conscious breathing to de-excite the nervous system and Yoga Nidra to decompress the active mind  so it feels safe to rest to allow our creativity to speak.


In just 90 minutes you could gain deep insights into nagging problems, increase creative thinking and experience a profound deep sense of peace as connect with your inner truth.  And the more time you spend experiencing this more you can live like this. 



The unveil of the creative mind is enhance with magical sonic waves of the tibettan healing bowls and the gong.  The deep relaxation into their vibration allows the body to relax deep and to go on its own journey of exploration. 


Why Celestial Waves Meditation?

Restore the balance of your mind and body 

​Better breathing for health of your vital organs

De-compress from the pressure of professional and domestic responsibilities

Reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress

Centre & calm the mind so you can think clearly & quickly


Create spaciousness to make sense of this dynamic world 


 Transform tightness to spaciousness 

Harness your creativite forces

Only 90 mins, Once a Month 

The aim of course is to create a balance between the Left and Right hemispheres of the brain and to strengthen their connection so we can see life as a whole rather then through the eyes of the inbuilt story many of us live by.  And once we recognize what it feels like to be balanced it is easy to recognize when we’ve moved  from the centre so we can navigate back at will. 

​If this resonates with you, do explore the schedule below.  Join in 1 session or at your busy season for 3 months or to  support you through a 6 month or long term project project to improve your effectiveness. 


In either case we invite you to share and harness the energy of the moon to enhance performance and your sense of well-being so you can be at your best around those you care for the most.

Summer 2019

28th June  
Reflect on your current universe

19th July                              
Be the creator of your universe

2nd August                   

Autumn 2019

27th September


1st November (Date Change)    Embrace

22nd November       

Dream & Expand 

your Universe

Winter 2019/20

17th January                  
Self Worth

21st February                 
Overcome Fear

​13th March                   

Spring 2020

3rd April                   

24th Aril  

​22nd May                     

It  is just the most amazing feeling to trade in tightness and tensions of the mind which could be the cause of anxiety and stress, for openness which brings with it lightness, laughter and fun.

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