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Create A Better Peace of Mind from my Monthly Meditation Ceremonies 

to Experience Better Peace of Mind

Welcome to Celestial Waves Meditation!


Enjoy an absolutely enchanting and blissful time immersing in the soothing sound waves of the Tibetan Healing Bowls, Gong, Mantra as a backdrop for a deep meditation experience. The idea of aligning these meditative tools with the rhythm of the moon adds an extra touch of celestial wonder for a truly transformative meditation program with an emphasis on self-discovery and recognizing one's innate gift.


The ARTI process  uses a monthly themes are based on Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey to add an exciting narrative for each part of the journey.  It also includes:

  •  Conscious breathing

  •  Yoga Nidra

  • Time to acknowledge Intuition

  • Journey

  • Gong and/or Healing Bowls

so you can delve into a deeper into understanding of self.  

Imagine how you would feel by investing just 90 minutes to allow your mind to rest from processing day to day activities, bring closure to projects and events that may have been hanging around and to re-charge your mind ready for the adventures of the unknown in the following month.


Such is ARTI ... the process to help you attain better peace of mind.

Imagine what you create simply by giving your mind the opportunity to rest, find closure, and recharge for the adventures ahead. The ARTI process can be a powerful tool to help achieve better peace of mind. By engaging in this process, you'll create a space to let go of the day-to-day activities, tie up loose ends from the previous month, and embrace the unknown with a refreshed and rejuvenated mind.

Just 4 Simple Steps

Your intention to move towards  inner calmness. 

Become aware of the thoughts in our minds that influence our actions and behavior. -


Assess how well these thoughts support our quest for peace of mind. - 


Recognise non supporting thoughts

Replace them with more beneficial ones

To gain a different perspective

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

As a powerful tool to help reduce stress and anxiety in our lives.


Take time to  step back from our immediate world and observe our thoughts and emotions with clarity.


Appropriate yogic breath to calm the nervous system 


Attune the mind using yoga nidra 


 Improve emotional well-being


Increased mental clarity.

To create a deep sense of peace


Through a relaxed, calm state of mind you may be able to:

Reconnect with yourself

gain a better understanding of the world around you


Recognise your own inner truth

Gain perspective to complex problems 

Find creative solutions.

Gain clarity and insight to make the
best decisions for your life

Image by Jen Theodore

Unlock and unleash your inner creativity.


Attune to the vibration of your soul


Reveal a creative mind


Connect with your untapped talents.


Find confidence and pride by connecting with your soul's purpose.

Why Celestial Waves Meditation?

  • Restore the balance of your mind and body 

  • ​Better breathing for health of your vital organs

  • De-compress from the pressure of professional and domestic responsibilities

  • Reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress

  • Centre & calm the mind so you can think clearly & quickly


  • Create spaciousness to make sense of this dynamic world 


  • Transform tightness to spaciousness 


  • Harness your creativite forces

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90 Mins Monthly Re-Set 

Join in 1 session or at your busy season for 3 months or to  support you through a 6 month or long term project project to improve your effectiveness. 


In either case we invite you to share and harness the energy of the moon to enhance performance and your sense of well-being so you can be at your best around those you care for the most.

Balancing Rocks
Summer 2024

7th June

Reflect on your current universe

5th July

Be the creator of your universe

4th August  2024 


Scenic Hillside
Autumn 2023

15th September


13th October  


10th November      

Dream & Expand your Universe

Winter 2023/24

12th December

Self Worth


12th January     

Overcome Fear


9th February     

The Power of Gratitude

Rock Balancing
Spring 2024

8th March                   

5th April

​Know Your Value

3rd May                   

It  is just the most amazing feeling to trade in tightness and tensions of the mind which could be the cause of anxiety and stress, for openness which brings with it lightness, laughter and fun.

Meditation Class

Why Wait to Connect With Your Natural State ?

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