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Child's Pose



Starts Friday  21st April
at 6:15pm to 7:15pm

 4 of 60 minute classes to experience restoration and relaxation 

Reach your edge by listening to your body

Enjoy softness with strength to be present in stillness

Develop patience to surrender into silence

Replenish  & Renew

Yin Yoga supports people who have tight muscles, perhaps lower back pain, tight hips.  And, it can really help:

  • To reduce stress through directed breath work

  • Improve focus by directing attention to key muscle groups

  • Develop concentration by holding the postures for a few moments

  • Experience physical and mental relaxation as the body relaxes 

It takes time.  

But as you continue you will develop a better sense of your body, confidence and movement.

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We start with the body.  

As the muscles then start to relax, the whole body relaxes, and so does the mind.  And the then we experience stillness within the mind and body.


Helps You Replenish & Renew
Classes Friday 9th to 30th June 

Create emotional connection
with the body

Directed Breathing 

Improve body confidence

Choices to increase or decrease intensity of the experience

Find balance

Optional use of props

“.... and take a moment to arrive and honour the practice and your world around you” - Lisa

Enjoy Stillness

Stretch to your edge as you stay in the pose for a while. There are always options to ease away - if the intensity becomes strong for example -  so the body can soften  and allow you to have a deeper experience of the posture. Maintaining stillness allows you to be present within the body and mind.

Take Your Time

Release physical tensions in the body as you stay in the postures for a couple of minutes. You'll be  stretching the connective tissue through the use of props- for example blocks, bricks, and belts - and supporting yourself as you stretch- gently and patiently.

e.g. for post one (4).png

4 Weeks To Replenish & Renew
with Yin Yoga by Lisa

I’m Lisa and will be your teacher for Yin Yoga. I create an environment were people feel safe, and feel replenished and renewed.
As you enter the Shala, I will there to greet you, I will show you around the studio, where to place your coats shoes and accessories and guide you to your space on the mat.  I am here to answer all of your questions be 


Introducing the key principles of Yin-

Explore the principles of Yin Yoga by playing your edges of each posture to experience stillness. Be guided to Create inner support

Connect body, breath and mind to begin your journey of rest and renewal.

These principles will underpin the rest of our weekly sessions

“We don’t use our body to get into the pose, we use the pose to get into our body”


Applying the principles and focus your attention on postures that support the spine and hips, inviting calm into the body. Develop mindfulness as you learn how to move with consideration between each posture.


Applying the principles and focus your attention on poses that support the legs.

Invite spaciousness into the body.

Continue to develop awareness as you move between each posture.


Delve deeper into postures from the previous weeks.

Develop and increase the connection between mind, body and breath as you explore new postures.

 Truly experience physical and mental relaxation: easing the body and calming the mind.

Lake Landscape
Classes are : Friday 21st & 28th April;  12th & 19th May
Even though you may enter the class feeling quite tense, stressed and maybe with a few aches and pain. By the end of the class you body is more open, relaxed and you’ll feel calmer ready.

I look forward to welcoming you to REPLENISH & RENEW WITH YIN YOGA


#BreatheWorldBeauty     #WeLeaveNoOneBehind
Sources: Bernie Clark The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga (2012)  ; Norman Blair Brightening Our Inner Skies (2016)

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