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Top Tips To Start Yoga



Breathe Better

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Be conscious of how well you are breathing.  It's a crucial habit to help you move and stretch well as well as improve energy and vitality


Be Patient

Most people need to move better and within their range of motion. There are specific techniques which can help you keep injury free regardless of age or level of activity. It takes time to change habits



Its All In The Core

Learn how to engage your deep core strength.  In my beginners course we go through 5 steps to ensure we are connecting with those deep core muscles. And this is for physical, emotional stability as well as enhancing mental wellness


Practice Practice Practice

As with learning any new skill, practice helps create those new nero pathways.  And repetition is the best way.  Chose a routine that you enjoy and repeat it again and again and again.   Or choose a beginners programme which. has on-demand videos to continue your learning outside of class.

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Be Dedicated To Your Personal Growth

It does not take long to notice the difference in how you feel when you start yoga.  Your sleep patterns may improve, yoga stride when walking may become more magnificent; domestic chores like twisting, gardening, decorating may become easier; your overall mood an presence may even be noticed by loved ones. 

All in all your general health and wellbeing  will be revitalised.

I look forward to supporting you.  

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