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Free Questionnaire

Step 01

Find Out Your Current State Of Being

Create Inner Peace with

Increased Flexibility

& More

Explore Your Stress Level
And Assess How Effective Your Yoga Practice

Hidden Signs of Stress Could Be ...

  • Influencing your perception of the world around you

  • Compromising your confidence

  • Sapping your energy

  • Distressing your nervous system

  • Contributing to mental & physical health issues

  • Affecting your immune system

  • Influencing the condition of your heart

  • Impacting your digestion

  • Creating unexplained pain within the body

  • Leaving you feeling stuck and stagnant

  • Creating unpredictable behaviour


To find out if your mind and body are experiencing hidden signs of stress, take this validated stress test.  I've used it with particularly Senior Executives whilst assisting on a High Performance Leadership programme in one of the UK's leading business schools.


Interestingly, some delegates were experiencing symptoms of stress, such as shown above, even though that ate well, and did regular cardio exercise.

This raised the question why was dis-harmony being created within the mind and body, manifesting in symptoms of stress?

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This Self Assessment Stress Quiz Will Show You

Your current level of stress.


Are you..


  • a completely chilled super-hero?

  • slightly stressed

  • on the treadmill to COPD and other stress-related symptoms?


Simply answer a series of validated questions about your feelings and thoughts DURING THE LAST MONTH.


In each case, you will be asked to indicate HOW OFTEN you have felt or thought a certain way.


Step 02

Complete This Self Assessed Stress Test

you'll be more empowered to choose appropriate practices to support you ... BEFORE symptoms of stress escalate.

Yoga Practices that could help you ...

  • manage your state of mind

  • identify your triggers

  • re-balance your nervous system

  • improve your concentration

  • relax your body

  • energise every cell in your body

  • feel centered, more confident and present

  • guide you to see things a different way

Step 03

Start Yoga
Practice Practice Practice

By taking the Stress Test we can collaborate to bring your mind, body, soul and spirit into perfect harmony. We'll develop a yoga practice that will focus on an approach with emphasis on mindfulness, relaxation, amazing strong movement or a gentle flow.


Having been a practitioner of yoga for 20 years, a Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher of 6 years and after training with many of the current masters of yoga and holistic health within this decade, I can safely say the key to decompressing the mind, body and spirit, increased flexibility with inner strength of mind and body, stems from how well you manage your state of mind and how well you breathe.


It’s incredible that this power is within us. It is the foundation of everything. 

My aim is to share such practices that could transform and enhance your life … and most certainly set you onto Re-Vitalising your Confidence, Flexibility and Vitality.

The Yogies Would Say

" Manage your Breath, Manage Your Mind"

- Sri K Pattabhi Jois


So,Breath Consciously and Start Enjoying Life's Transformations.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you.




I look forward to supporting you.  

All in all your general health and wellbeing  will be revitalised.

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