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Is Conventional Thinking Supporting You
Through This Junction Of Your Life’s Transition?
For People Ready To
Open The Door of Holistic Transformation

Find Your Flow
10 Days Online Yoga & Meditation Course


If you’ve tried all the conventional ways to help you through this landmark life transition, but you know there is something more - then please accept this invitation to explore a holistic, harmonious approach.

Create a Strong Foundation
To Clarify Your Future Options

This Pathway to Peacefulness 'Find Your Flow 10  Days  Online Yoga & Meditation Course' will help you to start recognizing yourself as

       a beautiful, evolving human being

       someone who has the ability to shape the future of your own world  


and is ready to explore yoga as a way of generating the mind - body and soul self for the  journey

What's Included?

Meditation Class

4   Progressive Meditation
to prepare your mind

Create an anchor for exploration of the mind


Connection with your environment with integrated mind-body guidance

Awaken your passion by attuning your senses


Improve our perceptions by increasing your subtle awareness

Yoga Pose

5 On-Demand
yoga classes for your BODY


Daily Journal
to record your perceptions

​You'll receive a  pdf journal, which is intended to be used to help you


Assess your sense of well-being before your start

Record changes in your perceptions and awareness within your daily life

Record creative solutions - no matter how crazy they may be!

Assess your sense of well-being at the end

Holding Books
Story Telling

Enjoy the hidden story behind the main yoga posture used in this sequence

Embody the challenges from myth to help make difficult decisions

Connect with your creative nature

Know there is always nearly a choice - we just got to search a different way.


By the end of 10 days of integrated mind-body-spirit practices, you'll


Feel stronger , balanced, incontrol and optimistic

Have an increased sense of well-being and probably have a bigger presence to help manage conflicting situations

Generate a  wider perspective of your current situation to assess your landscape in a different way

More creative options may open to you

You'll feel more confident to take your next step in your life's transition.

Let's Start Moving From Stagnation To Flow

Online Yoga

Find Your Flow
Online Yoga & Meditation Course


Thank you So much for a beautiful opening to FIND YOUR FLOW. LOVED your Warrior sequence and story of Shiva.  I used the relaxation for two cycles of the awareness. Then calmly sat journaling in the silence. Thank You.  I'm excited to be on board.  Congratulations on this - NC (she) Art Therapist


Why I Can Help ....

Having been a practitioner of yoga for 20 years, a Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher of 6 years after training with many of the current masters of yoga and holistic health within this decade, I can safely say the key to decompressing the mind, body and spirit stems from how well we breathe.

It’s incredible that this power is within us. It is the foundation of everything.  

This practice could transform and enhance your life … and most certainly will set you on to The Pathway to Peacefulness .... starting with this 10 days yoga with meditation course.

Join The Course

A Reminder Of What's Included

Create the best mindset with 4 Progressive Meditations  

Develop the energy, strength & flexibility with 5 Developmental Yoga Classes

Self Assess changes in your perception AND record your journey in the 18 Page Journal 

Explore & embody the story of myth to see things a different way

You're never alone. 

Email support or connect with our community and Keep Going

10 Days
ONLINE Yoga & Meditation

Daily meditations, yoga movement, relaxation and reflection

to help you through those dramatice life transitions


Open Doors

RSVP Today

" Find Your Flow"

through dramatic life transition

A 10 Days Online Yoga-Meditation Course

I'm waiting to support you
through this journey, and excited to see your transition 


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