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Welcome to Clarity Yoga Shala

Welcome to Clarity Yoga Shala …. a safe, open and creative space to build your knowledge, practices and application of traditional yoga practices for your overall health and wellbeing.


Our vision is to lead the way in merging the clinical and esoteric views of healthy living by inspiring and engaging practitioners in yoga practices and philosophies.  It is our belief and experience that through the many, many practices of yoga, every practitioner can live pain free, with an open, creative mind in an illuminated world of

positivity and vitality.  So it is our mission to share the practices, knowledge and application in a way

that practitioners can integrate the yogic wisdom as part of their everyday life. The core of which is

by nurturing your mind, body and spirit.

So do enjoy this journey of exploration and delve into our offerings to see if we can support you on your quest.

Clarity Yoga St Albans

Yoga Studio

Our yoga studio provides a space for you to experience a place of deep, inner peace – of BHAVA  - through the physical and mindful practices.  We have classes for all levels from absolute beginners to advanced practitioners.  And the size of our studio with our welcoming team ensures that even your first steps feel like home from home.

Clarity Yoga St Albans

Yoga Academy

Whether you are looking to delve deeper into the yoga practices or looking to share them with others we provide the opportunity for immersions, with formal, professional learnings  where you explore  how to use the tools and techniques of yoga; or complete absorption for a deeper experience of being centred with our retreats, short courses and master classes.

Clarity Yoga St Albans

Mind Body Soul Treatments

Sometimes, the stresses of everyday living from being stuck in the traffic jam; to extensive international travel to navigating children between schools and activities can just leave you feeling drained and lethargic.  We all know that feeling.   So you could just re-set the mind and body with one of our holistic treatments and bounce back to your daily life full of vitality. 

Supporting the Community

Through collaboration we've partnered up with all types of organisations to bring yoga to the pockets of the community.  Charities, commercial and educational through to research  - it’s all been an amazing privilege which we hope to continue being of service to.

 “I can't recommend this place enough! Yoga teachers are very friendly and welcoming as are others who are practising. The teachers vary in style and there is something for everyone. I also booked a half day retreat which was extremely relaxing and just what I needed.”  Emma