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What Is Your Current
State of Mind ?

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For People Making Dramatic Changes In Their Life

How you are breathing right now could be ...

Influencing your perception of the world around you

Compromising your confidence

Sapping your energy

Distressing your nervous system

Contributing to mental & physical health issues

Affecting your immune system

Influencing the condition of your heart

Impacting your digestion

Leaving you feeling stuck and stagnant


Learning To Balance Your Breath
Could Transform Your Perceptions

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Manage your state of mind

Identify your triggers

Re-balance your nervous system

Improve your concentration

Help you relax your body

Energise every cell in your body

Feel centered and more confident

Guide you to see things a different way

This Guide Book Will Set You
On the Right Path

Mel IMG_5409_edited_edited.png

Why I Can Help ....

Having been a practitioner of yoga for 20 years, a Yoga Alliance Senior Yoga Teacher of 6 years after training with many of the current masters of yoga and holistic health within this decade, I can safely say the key to decompressing the mind, body and spirit stems from how well we breathe.

It’s incredible that this power is within us. It is the foundation of everything. 

This practice could transform and enhance your life … and most certainly will set you on to The Pathway to Peacefulness: A Mind Body Spirit Transformation.

So, I do hope you enjoy this ebook.

Conscious breathing could transform anxiety, stress & stagnation in just 30 seconds, so you feel confident, energised with a strong sense of personal strength and purpose.

Download this ebook to gain insight into a practices that could help you:

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