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How To Breathe Into Creative Choices Everyday.


Here is a quick read, ready to go, practical book on how to breathe well, to reduce general aches and pain, increase your energy and energise your soul.

The aim of this book is to introduce the foundational steps to reset your mind-body-emotional rhythm from stress-enhancing neurological patterns, often experienced as migraines, IBS, high cholesterol, lethargy or poisonous toxins within the body.

Harnessing a constructive breathing pattern is also known to help reduce anxiety, panic attacks, improve energy and personal self esteem.   And this book helps to achieve this by guiding you into deepening your breath and finding stillness and spaciousness within the mind. 

Yet, it can be difficult to cultivate and sustain a practice to reap such glorious benefits.  ​​ And of course, you would not be searching for an eBook unless you wanted to Evolve & Expand so you feel Empowered to ride the tide of challenges of life, for greater health, well-being and abundance.

In short, create a positive normal state of being called BHAVA.

The underlying thread of the contents of this eBook is taken from a yogic perspective - yet supported with the current thinking from neuroscience and psychology.  We'll touch on these topics, but the aim of this book - and my personal aim - is to help the reader build a long term, sustainable practice enjoying each day, being 100% present with the people they care for the most. Now that is worth celebrating! 



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