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Introducing Mark Pawlett : A Facilitator In The Autumn Equinox Celebrations

This year, we're going to play with the edges of the primordial forces of nature to find the nature of balance within ourselves.


Fast moving energy which spur growth and direct, energy; The slower energies for nurturing and the balance between the two. Extremes of either creates imbalances in the mind and body!

And so we bring together two spiritual practices to embody these principles : Taekwondo & Yoga & Ceremony on the 11:30am to 2:00pm 25th Sept 2022.

With this, I introduce Mark Pawlett - our facilitator to help us experience the softness, focus and awareness needed to direct energy with control.

Taekwondo (the way of the foot and the fist) is a Korean martial art and Olympic sport. Taekwondo students benefit from increased physical fitness, psychological well-being, and self-confidence.

Mark started practicing Taekwondo in 1980 with Master Tony Slaney. Since then, he has progressed to the grade of 5th Dan Master instructor awarded through the World Taekwondo Headquarters (also known as Kukkiwon). He currently runs small clubs in Tring and Berkhamsted that are registered with British Taekwondo (National Governing Body).

Sport Taekwondo includes sparring (Kyorugi) and Poomsae, which is a series of defending and attacking Taekwondo movements performed in sequence. Poomsae competitions are judged based on accuracy, presentation, power, and Ki (martial art spirit). It is the Poomsae aspect of Taekwondo that Mark is actively involved with, and he currently trains with the national team. Successes include three commonwealth and various national level medals, in addition some of the students from his club have progressed to national level medals. It is this aspect of the Accuracy, Presentation and Power that Mark will be sharing with us during the event.

Mark has had various clubs in the past, one of which was at the University of East London during his PhD research. During this time Mark raised money for the charity Refuge through various events, including marathons and self-defence seminars.

His current instructor is Master Gemma Biescas (7th Dan) of Premier Ki, who is also the chief instructor of the National Poomsae team. He is also the author of “The Taekwondo Handbook” (Rosen publishing).


Within our celebration of the AUTUMN EQUINOX you'll dance in your power with a Mark.

You'll find strength & grace in your stillness myself as I'll guide you through a grounding practice wrapped

The event will be wrapped with ceremony and intent as we connect with the elements of nature.

"Looking forward to it. It'll be excellent fun and for a good cause" - Mark Pawlett

If you wish to know more about the event then use the link below:

If you wish to know more about Taekwondo, please contact Mark (Email: Mob: 07932 648491) or if you want to find a local club you can do so through the British Taekwondo website under “find a club”.

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