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Revive & Restore

Dissolve the heaviness of pandemic fatigue with our 9 Week Wellness Programme

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Create harmony between your mind body soul spirit

Build energy

Release 'pandemic stiffness'

Get ready in embrace new opportunities, growth and challenges

Build Your ARC of Strength

revive your vibe

Develop your physical, emotional, spiritual core

Build upper body strength

Increase flexibility

Improve your balance

Strengthen your lungs

Stabilise your digestion

Improve your posture

Clear Your Mind

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Create space between thoughts

Improve mind-body connection

Improve focus

Encourage creativity

Make informed choices

Say Hello to a New You

Revive Your Vibe

Improve your ability to cope

Become more productive

Become more available for others

Remain calm within an ever-changing environment

Embrace your vibrant soul

How it Works


Schedule your Mind Body Soul  Massage 

Create time to enjoy pre-recorded meditations in your own time

Set time aside to join in the Beginners Yoga Classes (starting Saturday 29th May at 11:i5am)


Enjoy deeply relaxation with our Mind Body Soul Massages to

Reboot your energy system

Balance your body’s systems


Start building and managing your own energy

Embody the feeling of being grounded, centred and connected

Add appropriate guided meditations from my Pathway To Peacefulness Programme

Re-enforce the bodies natural rhythm by continuing to receive massage

Create harmony across your bodies systems by activating energy centres


Integrate the conscious and unconscious mind, your body, intention and awareness

Enjoy pre-recorded meditations in your own time

Integrated mindfulness, deep relaxation and body awareness to enjoy and reclaim your vibe!

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What's Included .....


5 x 1 hour massages from our Mind Body Soul Treatments

Join 6 Beginners Level Yoga Classes

Self monitor with a stress test

Holistic Health Mentoring

4 Guided meditations aimed to ground, protect and illuminate your soul self  

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Our Wellness Model

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Experience Energetic Growth Over Nine Weeks

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You'll Love

  • Nourishing your mind as well the body 

  • Feeling whole again

  • Being part of a community with like-minded people

  • The chance to express what you are experiencing

  • Building your knowledge of best practices for self care

  • starting from the core foundation of a good physical yoga practice

  • Creating the foundation for a good mindful practice

  • Experiencing guided meditations that connect with the physical practice and creating a visual journey

You'll Probably Experience

  • Approx 30% reduction in your stress levels

  • Feeling stronger in your body

  • Improved sleep

  • Better relationships with those you care for the most

  • Less physical aches and pain

  • Increased focus and better use of time

  • A new ‘Can Do’ state of mind

What are the  Package Options?

We have created a selection of different packages to reflect your emotional and budgetary needs.

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Vibe Book

“ Mel is a wonderfully patient, friendly and focused teacher. She takes time to help each person individually and always remembers and says hello to everybody who walks through the door. Highly recommended."

- Joseph Dennehy

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