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Nepal Earthquake Recovery Fund

Clarity's charity of the year is this St Albans group who created the charity following a visit. This means that throughout the year we'll dedicate the profits from our devotional based yoga classes to this cause. Here is what they have to say:

We are deeply grateful for your donations and support to the work we are doing in Nepal. At our website you can find more details about us, our projects, our partners on the ground, and most importantly: our beneficiaries. You can also sign up to our newsletter to receive monthly updates on our work.

Nepal Earthquake Recovery Fund (NERF): we are an independent UK-based charity operating in the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal focused on providing medium to long-term recovery responses following the earthquake of 25 April 2015 and its direct and indirect effects.

Our mission is to repair the damaged lives of people in Nepal who have suffered personal and economic hardship following the earthquake, paying particular attention to rural areas, women and children and marginalised ethnic groups.

The people of Nepal are still suffering the effects of a severe humanitarian crisis following the earthquake of 25 April 2015. They need permanent shelters, supplies, and a path to restoring their lives. Though the immediate emergency is purported to be over, there are many who have not received adequately support from the Nepali Government of aid organisations, and many more whose futures remain uncertain.

We aim to help facilitate their recovery through the funding and implementation of efficient projects adhering to our values of transparency, accountability, kindness, collaboration, interaction, and grass roots engagement.

Below is a list of our current projects, all of which are implemented with local partners:

  • CAP Nepal: NERF provided brand new school bags and stationary to one of the schools that CAP cooperates with on a regular basis in their mission to improve living standards in this region. The school, situated on a remote village up in the mountains of the Kathmandu Valley currently has 62 children enrolled for primary school. The school was affected by the earthquake and it has been deemed unsafe to enter. Therefore, children have classes in temporary tents, in larger groups and with no resources. NERF is committed to support this school and others in the area with academic resources to improve the quality of education.​

  • Play for Deprived Children Nepal (PDCN): NERF donated t-shirts to a school for the sports team and a laptop for their computer lab. Second hand school books (approx. 100) and sanitary pads (approx. 1000) were also donated specifically to a school in Okhaldhunga - a region particularly badly-damaged by the earthquakes. This is part of a wider project run by PDCN to help a number of schools around the same region. PDCN focuses on using sports and play to improve education and health standards in Nepali schools. We were also motivated by the female empowerment element of the initial grant (through the provision of sanitary pads) and this is something that encouraged our partnership with Mooncup.

Nepal Earthquake Recovery Fund is a registered charity in England and Wales, No. 1162850 (more details below). We are nowsupporting PDCN in Mankha on the construction of a new community centre.

  • Blind Youth Association Nepal (BYAN): NERF supplied funding for one blind volunteer to be trained as a counsellor in order to provide therapeutic assistance to other blind people traumatised by the earthquake. BYAN is a national self-help NGO that has the overall aim of promoting a dignified life for blind and partially sighted youths (under 35) in Nepal. Since the disastrous earthquakes, their primary focus has become assistance and education of blind people (and those that are around them) with regards to earthquake preparedness, accessible schools (that are also easy to evacuate) and repairs to schools that include blind students amongst their pupils. They have a target list of 15 different schools all across Nepal and we aim to support them throughout this project. One particularly under appreciated effect of a huge disaster like this is the long-term psycho-social impact and trauma experienced by the blind students. This can prevent them from returning to school due to the fear or recurrence. We are donating several resources (braille books, white canes, etc.) through BYAN to accessible schools.

  • Gati and Mandra: these are both small villages that have been a focus of our earliest projects and are home to the child artists who painted the beautiful artworks we auctioned off in early November 2015 in London. We made a commitment that all the funds raised from that auction would be used directly to help the same children's communities. The generosity of our extended friends and family on the evening was astounding, and we ended up raising nearly £2000. This amount of money can really change lives in Nepal. The trustees visited the sites in November and donated laptops and school material. With the donations from the auction, NERF is building a library centre (project developing through 2016).

  • Partnership with Mooncup: Mooncup, a sustainable alternative to menstrual products for women and girls, has kindly offered to support NERF by providing subsidized Mooncups with a 75% discount. The trial phase started in March 2016 and the project is planned to continue until the end of the year. The trial phase is targeting women’s groups and health workers who will then train and introduce the Mooncup to women and girls in their villages and schools. The beneficiaries, approximately 300 women and girls from Gati, Mandra and Okhaldhunga, will receive training, one Mooncup each (which can last for over 5 years) and necessary support during the first few months.

​None of this would have been possible without the support of our donors. Thank you for your contribution.

Nepal Earthquake Recovery Fund is a registered charity in England and Wales, No. 1162850 

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