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Create The Inner Nourishment

Ready to Reveal Your Magnificance 

  • Transform fatigue into vibrancy!

  • Detangle the feeling of overwhelm!

  • Enjoy time to self-care

  • Be your best to those closest to you

Time To Retreat,
& Shed The Pressure From The Last Year

Does this sound like you?


  • Does it feel like the seasonal break is breaking you?

  • Stuck and stagnant with unexplained fatigue?

  • Perhaps exhausted from daily duties and the mania of the season

  • You feel like hiding away as the dark months symbolize a slowing down - if only the world around you would allow such a luxury.

ac-kn copy 9_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Yet you have an inner craving to feel:

  • Fully alive from hibernating for just one day

  • Nurtured as someone else takes care of you for a day

  • Complete as your vital energy filters into every cell of your physical body, every neuron of the mind and shines like rays of sunlight through your voice.


 We can help you experience this with appropriate movement, fire ceremony, energetic download and sound vibration from traditional instruments - the most important being your voice.


Are You Ready  

  • ​Skip the overwhelm and embrace each day with the excitement of a child’s first Christmas?

  • Feel deeply calm after shedding the pressure, expectations, disagreements.

  • Release the feeling of guilt as you know you’ll have even more to give once you’ve nourished your soul.

  • Embrace the dark months as a time for renewal - ready for the return of the light and adventures awaiting you.



Most people often feel like hiding away during the winter months, but the economics of the world just keeps mounting up.  If only we had a shorter working week so we could live and breathe in accordance to the nature of our environment



Get Ready ... to

A Day Retreat which

guides you from releasing heaviness to feeling light

in a safe space

could just be the ticket.

  • Experience a sense of being free of everyday worries and frustrations.

  • Feel calm enough to remember your dreams and ambitions.

  • Feel connected as your mind body and soul sync with the natural rhythm of the season.

  • Felt nurtured and connected to the universe as you allow the love you give to others to reflect back to you.



Heal, Hibernate and Harmonize
Urban Retreat Days

 2pm to 9pm @Clarity Yoga Shala 

Sat 16th December     Cacoon In Comfort   

Sat 20th January     Winter Warmth 

Sat 14th Februay     Emerge Into Light

Heal, Hibernate and Harmonise Urban Retreat will guide you through the process of letting go, receiving soul nourishment and activating your essence to self heal in a warm, safe, local boutique yoga shala.

  • Energy to enjoy the joys of the festive season.

  • Bubble with uncontainable energy which unite all those closest to you

  • Walk away knowing that you have the ability to start your personal healing journey.

  • Create a new perspective and steadfastness to disassociate from the mania often experienced at this time of year

  • Know that achieving your personal desires and ambitions can be possible?

  • Feel the universal energy and activating that precious spark will bring a new aha into the core of your being?


2pm to 9pm @ ClarityYoga Shala

Sat 16th December            Sat 20th January            Sat 14th Februay

Cacoon In Comfort                 Winter Warmth                Emerge Into Light

One Day

Hybernation Day Retreat


Two Days

Hybernation Day Retreat


(save £20)

Three Days

Hybernation Day Retreat


(save £30)



Picture 1.png

 Why You’ll Love It!

Guilt free time for yourself

Though there is a structure for the day, we are happy to amend according to the dynamic of the group - and with the groups permission.

Ignite Your Inner Wisdom

 with specific journeys designs to illuminate aspects of yourself that you may have forgotten

Feel Nourished
Pre-prepared vegetarian lunch so your body is literally being fed from the inside out with pure goodness, please make us aware of any allergies in advance of the retreat day.

Raise Your Vibration

 Group size is limited to enhance the vibrational energy you’ll receive within the space. You’ll be guided in vibrational healing and frequency shifts throughout the day.

Activate Your Innate Healing Energy

From gross to subtle.  What’s more, the morning part of the class can be joined in from anywhere in the world.  Often, technology is challenged by the power of the sound healing instruments and voices and gets distorted in the recording process but you are invited to tune in from around the world and join in the voice work with your own sound muted, and listen to a bespoke sound healing recording just for you

We’ll Move From Heaviness and Stiffness
to Flexibility, Softness & Lightness


using yoga postures to, activate our creativity, increase space in the joints and encourage the rivers of prana to swim through our energy channels


to activate the life force energy within the mind and body

Journey To Find Your Gift

 to ignite the inner light that needs to shine


prepared healthy lunch

Activate Your Healing Energy

receive the universal energy to start your personal healing journey

Find Your Angelic Voice

to elevate the energy into the spiritual realm

Sound Bath

for energetic clearing and energetic harmonising

Integrate with Soup & Circle

How Your Urban Retreat Day Unfolds


45 minutes Yoga Movement

- connecting to the energy of the earth

45 minute pranayama

- to move into the energy of fluidity and freedom


- to re-ignite your inner spark

scroll for  more

Let's Honour our Natural Intuition  

Berry Branches

Laura and I would love to support you at this time by re-connecting you with the natural rhythm of the season so you can enjoy the festivities - guilt free!!!


We’ve trained in energy medicine with the 4 Winds Shamanic School created by Alberto Villaldo.  And we’ve merged this spiritual teaching into a way to encourage all of you to vibrate in accordance to nature - not man - to get the most out of the winter months. 


Over nearly 20 years I have worked with the traditional disciplines of yoga and Laura has trained in music and healing with the voice.  This - together with the South American approach to healing with nature means you can hibernate into the depths of inner healing to shed the impact of this year’s challenges, create space to reset so you can flourish in the Spring with new ideas, motivations, focus as you’ve mulched away at what no longer serves, providing the fodder for what will serve your highest good.

Let's Introduce Ourselves


Melanie Ashley

Find Your Flow

Thank You SO much for a beautiful opening to Find Your Flow.  Loved your warrior sequence and story of Shiva.  I used the relaxation for two cycles of the awareness,  then calmly sat journaling in the the silence.  Thank You.  I’m excited to be on board.  - June Rowlands

Laura Mitchell

Angelic Realms

“Laura awoke my heart to the healing power of sound when I heard her voice. I was transported into deep meditation. This sound is the closest you’ll get to hearing Angels.” Orietta


“Amazing! Laura’s Voice is the voice of an Angel… [she] takes you to a different level. Pure Bliss.” Dominic

Laura Mitchell

Sound Alchemy


“I have the privilege of knowing this lady. Her voices resonates with the ‘eternal’… taking you both deeply within yourself and beyond. She also laughs the music of a waterfall and smiles a million sunrises.” Stuart


Amazing! The wonderful wealth and knowledge of years of music education, training and philosophy. I highly recommend Laura’s courses. The knowledge the wisdom and the love that shines through.”  Vanessa

Melanie Ashley

A Pathway to Peacefulness

“Melanie is a first-rate teacher, with a true understanding of the breathing techniques to enable students to engage in the correct fluid movement of yoga.  There is a focus on the breath work to manage and build core strength in the three banda’s.  Melanie brings a wealth of experience from her yoga and meditation teachings in India and beyond.” - Noida D-c

Your Journey Into Hybernation
  • How can we assist you
    yoga meditation massage theapy professional courses workshops retreats
  • Will I need to change my diet?
    No. But we often find that the body will start craving different foods as you embark and delve deeper into the programme. If you do wish to include a change of diet, I can recommend an Ayurvedic Dr or a clinical dietitian to support you in this change.
  • Is my ticket refundable?
    My job is to be of service to you and to offer advice and training with your best interest at heart. If, however circumstances is such that you need to terminate our agreement, there is a 100% refundable within 15 days of starting the course, and 75% refundable within 30 Days of starting the course. There is no refund after 30 days of starting. To request a refund, please contact our support team. No questions asked.
  • Are the sessions at a set time?
    part of the process is about setting a new rhythm within the mind and body. The ideal would be to set aside dedicated time - especially in the first month.
  • How Often Will I Need to Practice
    The initial consultation is important as this forms the foundation of the practices we choose. The subsequent consultations are to help you review your progress using tried and tested maps of individuals' energy and stress perceptions. The meditations can be in your own time and some of the practices are designed to integrate as part of your day to day activities.
  • It sounds like lots of yoga and meditation which I’m not sure I believe in.
    It is. But it is also known as an Integrated Transformational Practice in its original format and (The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 2003, Vol. 35, No.1). Current product development means that these practices are often re-packaged to sound like something else. Plus these practices have been around for centuries and across many cultures. Today, many of the practices have been substantiated by science and moving more and more into the mainstream.
  • I already have a yoga and meditation practice. Will I have to change this?
    No. We can look at where you are in your practice and develop them with the added support of the additional modules. Together, the programme should enhance and deepen your current practices
  • I’m simply not flexible and feel like I’ll make a bit of a prat of myself.
    Within 5 or 6 weeks you’ll be touching your toes. Your energy will be much more vibrant, and your confidence expanded. The one-to-one approach means you have the space to ask all the questions you have, raise all the doubts that you have, and make as many mistakes as you wish. It’s all part of the process. And some time in the future you’ll look back at this as a pin point yet pivotal point in time.
  • I have some health issues which may prevent me from joining in all of the programme
    We can assess this at the onset, and I’m happy to discuss with your health practitioner. More often than not, these practices will support and enhance many clinical treatments.
  • I love the idea, but I’m incredibly busy and don’t think I can commit the time?
    Any form of change or transformation will require some time commitment on your part and generally the ‘hard decisions’ that we have to make whilst we are in the middle of a life change often means the ‘softer choice’ is pushed back. The good news is that with a structured programme such as this, it becomes a walk through the sticky, tricky bits of transitions plus you are creating the foundation for the new life you desire to lead.
  • Life is manic at the moment, and I just don’t have the space to embark on something new right now.
    You need to do what you feel is comfortable right now. And know that this programme is here to support you if things get out of hand or the pressure becomes too much. Alternatively, you could create an intention to start the programme at some point in the future e.g. 3 months … so psychologically you know you have something to look forward to, or something to help you in transition when things feel more spacious for you.
  • Are there any religious overtones
    No. It is all about you.
  • Q4: I’ve been doing mind-body practices for years. Will this program be too basic for me?
    [Answer]. have come onto this programme from all aspects of life – from the holistic practitioners to clinical Drs. The common thread is that everyone is looking for something different which helps them to make sense of a world which is changing around them, and their normal way of being isn’t serving them as well as they know it should
  • Q2: I’m new to [the concept ]of the Munay Ki. Will this course be too advanced for me?
    [Answer]. Munay Ki as all about helping you to recognise your gifts of the heart so you can comfortably share this within your wider circle, in a way that makes sense to you and to others. Hence the practical nature of the course
  • Q5: What are the dates of the program?
    12th September to 15th September. Full details of start and finish times will be sent once you register.
  • Q6: How much support will I get? When will this program be offered again?
    [Answer].You will receive post programme support with one of the facilitators of your choice – and continued development following discussions with your preferred facilitator
  • Q3: How much time will this program take me? How much do I have to put in on a weekly basis?
    [Answer]. Following completion of the course we would recommend a 20 minute daily practice. Some people use the recordings as part of their commune with nature for example. It is the repetition of the practices which deepen you innate knowledge, wisdom and connection to nature, your practice group and universal consciousness
  • Q1. What are the benefits of participating in this program?
    [Answer]. Increased internal harmony which creates time and space to view the world from a different perspective Confidence to express your thoughts, ideas, perspective in a creative, accessible way Feel confident within your voice by injecting more creativity into your thinking The feeling that the impossible is possible by injecting your own magic in everything that you do The ability to explore beyond the parameters of what you know and believe that all is possible Co-create with the universal consciousness. You are no longer alone Dance with your shadows rather than cower with under their tyranny Feel complete as you bring all your knowledge and wisdom together in a way that supports each other The biggest gain is connecting with and trusting your innate wisdom to be your internal compass
  • As there is an element of energetic alignment, will I be able to access support after the retreat day - if I would like to work deeper?
    Both Laura and I can be available either by email or zoom if you have further questions, or if you feel that you could benefit from deeper re-aligmenment. Please email us for a personalized response.
  • Are there any follow-ups or deveolpemental opportunities after the urban retreat?
    We aim to record as much as possible so you can re-live the experience in your own time. This way you develop a practice. To add more depth you may consider joining further enhanced training experiences based on the retreat. This will be deliver in our version of the Munay-Ki. If this appeal to you, then let us know and we'll be sure to contact you as soon as we have a date organised.
  • I’ve been practicing yoga for years. Will this retreat be too basic for me?
    As you know this sort of approach has no hierarchy within yoga. it is likely that this experience will add more depth to our practice.
  • When will this program be offered again?
    Both Laura and I can be available either by email or zoom if you have further questions. It is likely that we will create something new for the Spring.
  • I’m new to working with yoga in this way. Will this course be too advanced for me?
    The programe is open to everyone at all levels.Come along with an open mind, curiosity and let someone else look after you for a change.Our aim is to ensure everyone feels comfortable so you can enjoy the experience.
  • Will there be a recording?
    The In-Studio experience is best.But sometimes life has an alternative course for us.There will be a recording? available so you can create space and live the experience in your own home
Berry Branches

The Wheel of life

Is All about letting go

To be in a space which seems unfamiliar.

AND it is in the new space we pause

Before moving forward


A Reminder OF Your Day

  • 45 minutes Yoga Movement -connecting to the energy of the earth

  • 45 minute pranayama - to move into the energy of fluidity and freedom

  • Journey to re-ignite your inner spark

  • Wholesome lunch

  • Give and receive  energetic transmission to start your healing journey

  • Voice training as we intuitively connect with the subtle energies of life

  • Sound Bath, release, relax and resonate with ancient healing instruments.

  • Soup & Circle - for inner warmth reflection and to full integrate all the elements



✔ 10% Discount off future Hibernation Days to be held in January and February

✔ 1:1 support will be available as we have two qualified shamanic teachers

✔ Recording of the journey for personal use

✔ Recipie card for the wonderful lunch you’ll receive


ClarityYoga Shala

2pm to 9pm

Sat 16th December            Sat 20th January            Sat 14th Februay

Cacoon In Comfort                 Winter Warmth                Emerge Into Light

One Day

Hybernation Day Retreat


Two Days

Hybernation Day Retreat


(save £20)

Three Days

Hybernation Day Retreat


(save £30)



Hyberation Programme 2

Join us on this transformative journey to enjoy the depths and insights hybernation can bring.
Then,  get ready for the adventures of life
when the light returns.


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