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Abhyanga Daily Self Massage

Daily self massage is strongly advocated in Ayurvedic practices.  Best as part of the morning routine, it stimluates blood flow, moves the prana around the body an nourishes the skin ... and it only needs to take 5 mins of your shower time!

Once you know your energetic profile, you will also know the best carrier oils to use in the practice.  

VATA Constitutions would use a high quality Sesame Oil to add warmth into the body PITTA Constitutions would use a high quality Coconut Oil to cool the body KAPHA Constitutions would use a high quality Sesame Oil to help improve any sluggishness within the body



a daily revitalizing Ayurvedic practice

When stimulated through therapeutic touch or massage, the skin releases a pharmacy of healing chemicals that have health-promoting effects on the physiology. In addition to feeling good, regular massage detoxifies the body’s tissues, increases circulation, calms the mind, and enhances immune function.

A daily self-abhyanga massage with aromatherapy massage oils is a deeply healing and deeply enjoyable ayurvedic practice that activates the body's inner chemistry which can slow the aging process. Depending upon your unique mind-body type (dosha), your massage technique can be gentle or more vigorous.



Start the massage with application of medicated ghee to the soles, rub with moderate or bearable pressure then with fingertips, massage the base of the toes. Slide your fingers between the toes. Rub the sole of your feet with a silver bowl.


Apply oil on the upper side of the foot massage with firm pressure. Do circular massage around the ankle joint and the anklebone. Massage the Achilles tendon then hold the toes with one hand and the calf with the other to do movements of the joint.

Calves, shins & knees

Then apply oil from down to up towards the knee joint, apply oil with pressure. Give vibrations to the calf muscle and press the outer border of the tibia bone. Keep the legs folded at the knee joint, pressing the two depressions below the patella. Give circular massage to this joint then massage the side of it. Then stretch the legs and massage the back of the knees.

Thighs & Hips

Then apply oil to thighs with a circular massage of hip joints. Give vibrations to the back of the thighs. Then apply pressure to the mid-point of the anklebone and inner side of the tendon. Press all the toes tipping outer border of the tibia.

In standing position, use the palms and fingers do a circular massage to hips then press the hip muscles from outside towards the inside and massage to back covering as much of the area as you can cover with good pressure. If it is difficult to reach your back, use a napkin dipped in oil, squeeze and twist it and rub your back with that.


In lying down position with legs bent at the knee joints, put oil in the naval. Do a circular massage in a clockwise direction along with increasing circles using the entire palm. End this massage at the left groin. Do the massage for 2-3 minutes. Then do tapping with the fingertips in the same way. Massage the edge of the ribs, sweep from the centre and massage along the edges up to the sides. Then from the end of the chest bone up to the sternal notch down to up, give pressure with fingertips at the notch.


With the palm from the periphery towards the nipple, from the nipple circular massage towards the outside.


Use opposite side of palm for massage from the neck up to the shoulder


Hand massage to elbow

Apply oil on the palm: rub sliding the fingers in between each other. Press the tips of all fingers from finger up to the outside of the wrist joint. Squeeze at the wrist joint then apply oil to the lower arm from wrist to elbow.

Elbow to upper arm

Do a circular massage at the elbow. Massage the arm from the elbow up to the shoulder joint. Raise the arm up massage the arm and the axilla from the elbow up to the lower rib with the palm.


Neck massage

Massage from the jaw to the collar bone front and sides from the back of the ear to the collarbone. On the back of the neck, do a lateral massage

Face massage

Rub the forehead with two fingers. Then with the fingertips, massage the eyebrow and end of the eyebrows. With the tip of the index finger, massage the nose from the eyebrow up to the corner of the lips. Rub the cheeks up and down with the palms. Around the mouth, a circular massage with the fingertips in front of the ear and the back of the ear.

Ear massage

Pull the apex of the ears up and lobule down by holding in thumb and index finger. Then, putting the fingertip in the hole of the ear vibrates it gently. Move the fingertip up and down the ear applying pressure. Pinch the apex of the ear and press the outer border of the ear. Pinch the tragus of both ears.

Head massage (omit oil if preferred)

In sitting position, apply hair oil on the top; using the palms tap it with pressure. Put some more oil on both the palms and massage the scalp from front and then the sides. Then with the fingertips massage the tubercles. Apply oil on the back of the head and massage with pressure.


1. Tap the top of the head

2. Tap the centre of the eyebrows and forehead rub quickly

3. Straight line from the roof of the nose up to the tip with fingers

4. Press both ends of the eyebrows, corners of the nostrils and lips

5. Press the middle point above and below the lips

6. Rub the cheeks and press the centre point of the cheeks below the cheekbones

Front of the ear and back of the ear with finger lateral to adam’s apple, first feel the pulsations and apply gentle pressure. Press the sternal notch.


· Never do massage without oil, when you do not have sufficient time.

· Massage with more pressure will exhaust you

· If you feel relaxed after the self-massage, it is a good sign.

· After massage, relax for 10-15 minutes.

· Do not use soap for bath after massage. Use herbal powder combinations or Masoor Dal powder to scrub your body. This will help to remove the stickiness of the oil and all the toxins from the pores.

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