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Meditation for Grounding and Self Protections

A Reiki Master once shared this meditation with me many years ago - and I've used it ever since in my classes. Especially if people are feeling vulnerable, anxious or unsettled.  It is so beautiful with great visualisation, I do hope you enjoy it.

Find a quiet space.

Sit comfortably - but makesure that your back is straight.

Take a few deep breaths.

As you breath in, imagine, see or feel, that you are breathing in cleansing energy. As you breath out, let go of pain, tension and anything that does not serve you well. The more you breath in, the more you are filled with this cleansing energy. The more you breath out, the more you let go of what you really do not need.

While you keep breathing, imagine, see or feel, a beautiful white light, coming down from Mother/Father God, Source, Great Spirit, Creator, The Infinite, All That Is, and entering your crown chakra. This white light starts to flow into your body. It flows through your head, down both arms and into your hands, right to the very tips of your fingers. It flows into your chest, down through your abdomen, into your hips, then down both legs to your feet, right to the very tips of your toes. Filling all of you with healing white light.

Now imagine, see or feel, that at the soles of your feet you have roots. These roots are there to keep you grounded, to give you a firm connection from which to work from. Spread your roots wide and deep into Mother Earth. Send them down to the very core of the Earth, the colour of which is red and allow them to wrap themselves around it. This will keep you firmly grounded. Now draw on the energy of Mother Earth. Pull this energy up through your roots, until it reaches the soles of your feet. Allow it to flow into your body, and imagine, see or feel as this warm, red energy flows through your feet, up both legs, into your hips, up through your abdomen and into your chest. It then flows through your head and down both arms, filling all of you with this red energy.

This grounding red energy now merges with the healing white light.

This is a wonderful union.

It protects you from above and below, and changes into a soft pink, loving energy. This gentle energy now begins to flow out of every pore of you being. It flows out into your Aura, until it fills all layers of your Aura The outer layer of your Aura now begins to crystallise into a very special crystal.

This crystal will protect you from any negative energy, only love can flow in - and only love can flow out.

You are a being of Love. Enclosed, protected, grounded and safe.

When you feel ready, bring yourself back to your quiet space.

Thank You to the Reiki Master who shared this meditation with me and I hope many other people will benefit from this.

Re-circulate with gratitude and appreciation for the gift of inner peace.


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