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Reduce Overwhelm And Become Crystal Clear

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

How to harvest inner peace with a crystal meditation

As well as being beautiful and stunning to the eye, Crystals have a way of calming the mind and bringing about a sense of inner peace simply by holding them.

Part of this is because the sensation of touch often brings about a sense of security and safety which can pacify the racing mind. Coupled with the unique quality of each crystal - in terms of its shape and visual appeal - this simple mineral can become a great tool to develop a mindful practice. Simply by directing those overwhelming thoughts onto this object allows you to aproject those chaotic thoughts leaving you feeling calm, clear and centred.

This guide will prompt you with ideas of how direct your mind - using a crystal - so you can develop a mindful practice to support focus, concentration and curiosity.

Crystal Meditation

written by our Yoga Goddess Lucy Adamson : MBACP (Snr Accred)

Take the crystal in your hands.

Feel the weight of your crystal and direct all your attention is on the weight of the crystal in your palm. If any other thoughts come by, just acknowledge them and let them go.The centre of your attention for this practice is your crystal.

When you have noticed the weight of the crystal, use your fingertips to explore the shape of the crystal. Is it smooth or rough? Does it have ridges or dents on its surface? All of your attention is touching the shape and texture of the stone.

Then notice the temperature of the crystal in your hands. Is it warm or is it cool to touch? Does it feel comforting or powerful for example? 

Feel the energy of the crystal.

Next observe the colour of the crystal, is it one colour or more than one colour? How many colours can you see?

Try to focus on one colour that you see, then close your eyes keeping the crystal is in the palms of your hands.

Breathe in the colour that you see with it filling your body. Each in-breath sees the colour getting darker and deeper, then with the outbreath the colour will fade taking with it any tension in your body.

Repeat this colourful in-breath with the release of tension and colour on your out-breath for as long as you need to do it.

 When you are ready, slowly open your eyes and take in all the sights and sounds and smells around you.

Return the crystal to it's scared space

You are back in your space, in our world.


Feel free to let us know how this worked for you.

With your best interest at heart

Melanie Ashley

Your Holistic Health Guide

PS: Palm sized tumble crystals for every occasion are still available from our Shala. They are supplied in their own pouch to carry in your pocket, bag or add to your desk for easy accessibility.

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