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Yoga Online Courses, Pranayama Meditation Breathing Course: Beaming in from St Albans

Join our 10-day yoga online course with a powerful intention. Reset your inner self using yoga , meditation, & breathwork. Contact us today.

Find your flow with a 9 step yoga course online, based in St Albans

I’m Melanie, and I’d like to introduce you to the wonderful benefits yoga can bring. I’ve been practicing yoga for 20 years, and know the good that it can bring by allowing calm problem-solving rather than panicking.

I'd love to introduce my 10 day yoga meditation course online is suitable for all levels.


No worries, welcome! Come and join the show, please.

Returning to yoga after a break?

Welcome back, good to see you again.

Already a seasoned practitioner but looking to reinvigorate your routine?

You’re welcome too.

All Welcome

One of my friends greets arrivals on her twitch stream by saying “Welcome, take a seat. Tea or coffee over there, biscuits in the tin, make yourself at home.”

That’s what I’d like you to feel about yoga. Yoga online courses should be welcoming, friendly, safe spaces. Places where you can leave your job. life and worries at the door and simply be you. You’ll get the best out of yoga when you can fully relax your body and empty your mind of thoughts. Meditation and breathing are as much a part of the yoga experience as the moves, although an online yoga course does take the pressure out of attending a class in person.

OnDemand - According To Your Schedule

The course is held via my website, and I will send you themed prompts for each class once you sign up.

The course aims to give you the chance to free your body of aches and pains, and bring some calm to your mind.

It is a yoga pranayama meditation and breathing course so I will show you (or remind you) of breath regulation techniques, and how to apply them to physical postures (asanas) and meditation (dhyana).

You may not feel like you’re making much progress at first, but the great thing about yoga is that you start with whatever you can manage and build on it. If you have stiff joints, are battling respiratory issues or struggling to focus, don’t worry. Just do as much as you can. I’ll send you a diary so you can keep track of things easily, look back on it and see where you have improved your flexibility, stamina or outlook.

How My Online Yoga & Meditation Can Support Your Day

It may be that you’re looking for a way to unwind after a long day at work, or perhaps you don’t have the time to take the stress-relieving classes your employer is offering.

Whether you’ve decided to forego the gym and find something you can manage from home, or you’re looking for something you can fit around your family’s needs without having to pay out for childcare, then my Find Your Flow online yoga course could be just the thing.

You’ll be in your familiar space, because the course is held via this website, so you can follow along from home. It’s simply a nine step course over 10 days. If you complete all the steps I’ll give you a badge too.

If you’re worried that you’re not getting as much exercise as you used to because you’re working remotely, then my yoga course online here in St Albans will help you start to focus your thoughts back on yourself. You can work on your flexibility and your mindset at the same time, that’s the total beauty of yoga. It’s the whole package, the real deal. Working on your body goes hand in hand with working on your mind.

A yoga and meditation course could be so good for you. Even if you have underlying health issues, you can still take yoga online courses. It’s been shown to relieve all kinds of health issues including niggly aches and pains, stiffness after too much gardening or walking, sleeplessness, back pain, arthritis and headaches. I’d not go as far as to say it’s a miracle cure, but it’s definitely a great way of incorporating gentle exercise and meditation techniques into your day. That’s bound to make you feel better, for a start. The mindfulness-based online yoga course I offer has a mix of movement and meditation, and contains ideas and strategies you may well be able to incorporate into your daily routine.

The meditation and relaxation which comes as part of yoga can help you relax into

sleep, unwind after physical exertion and shake out the tautness of sitting staring at a screen for a large portion of your day. You will learn how best to regulate your breathing and focus your mind as well as getting to grips with stretching and balancing exercises which tone your body. They will tone your body and can even lead to weight loss too. Plus yoga promotes better sleep, tones your body and lowers your blood pressure too.

The thing is that a yoga pranayama meditation and breathing course is a complete exercise programme for body and mind. Dealing with modern life is inherently stressful for many people. Learning yoga can help us deal with that. If you are mentally and physically prepared to deal with things, whether they are planned events or unexpected occurrences, you will feel less stress about the situation.

There is a lot of talk about ‘resilience’ and ‘fitness’ being the key to a happier life, but there is no denying that being relaxed about things is better. Many of us have busy lives these days; a combination of childcare requirements, a job (or hunting for one), housework and maybe caring for parents on top of that doesn’t leave us with much time for ourselves. Yoga online courses can help us deal with that workload, and it doesn’t take a large chunk out of your day to learn the basic techniques, either.

Believe it or not, you can start to do yourself some good with as little as 10 minutes a day of yoga. Simple movement and meditation can be the key to so much. I read an article today that said that people’s weight loss goals may be derailed by insomnia. If you know how to relax your body and mind when you get to bed, or if you wake up overnight troubled by something, you are likely to hit those weight loss goals much easier if you can immediately turn to relaxation techniques.

You can sign up for the course on the website or through my app. The cost is £45, but I like to think the benefits will outweigh the cost.

With your best interest at heart

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