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Be Steeped In Serenity

How To Create Mindful Moments When Life Is Too Busy

No matter how busy we are, most people have time for a cup of tea - whether it is made for your or you make a cuppa for yourself. In either case, that warm textured fluid drink can offer a moment to escape from the extreme focus and pressure of a task in hand.

Yet, it can be more than simply a cuppa. From the art of the Japanese Tea Ritual, to creating space for indepth converation to problem solving to exploring politice, the art of creating a moment of serenity from drinking tea could be your time to spark-up and create the golden moments of inspiration that you may just be looking for.

AHHH .... so refreshing

The Serene Art Of Tea Meditation

written by Lucy Adamson MBACP (Snr Accred)

Take the tea and place some in a tea pot. 

Notice the smell of the tea as you take it from the bag.

Run some water – hear the sounds. 

Fill the kettle and feel the weight in your hands as the water fills it.Notice the sensations.

Listen to the kettle as the sounds change as the water is boiling.  Focus all your attention on the sounds that you can hear. The spotlight of your attention is on the sounds in this given moment.

When the kettle has boiled lift the kettle again feeling the weight.Pour the hot water into the teapot sensing the temperature and listening to the sounds again. 

Wait for two minutes as the tea brews noticing the smells you can smell while the tea infuses its flavor into the water. The spotlight of you r attention is on the smells you can smell in this given moment.

Pour a cup of tea into your favourite cup. Feel the weight of the teapot and notice it change as you pour the tea out. Notice the smell of the tea and the temperature of the steam. Can you see the steam? 

All your senses are involved in this moment of pouring the tea.

Now lift the cup. Feel its weight, see its colour, notice the temperature and steam, and finally taste the tea.

Notice its temperature on your tongue and the roof of your mouth.Where in your mouth do you taste the tea? Do you have a residual taste after you have swallowed the tea? Does your mouth feel different? Do any emotions or memories come up whilst tasting the tea? Notice any thoughts and let them go.

Enjoy the process of tasting your tea with all your senses.

By using all your senses you are absorbed in the moment and not worrying about the past or the future.

Stay in the present moment with your delightful tea.

Tell us what's your favourite cuppa in the comments below. And I hope you enjoyed the moment.

Melanie Ashley

Your Holistic Health Guide

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What a beautiful simple action to take for oneself. Worth reminding us all. Thank you to the author Lucy and to Mel for sharing.

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