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What's The First Step To Living Each Day Better?

It is known by many names. It is the thing that penetrates our whole being - from our cells to the essence of who we are. We are packed with it at birth, and it diminishes with every unsupportive experience which we encounter.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about the live giving Prana, or Chi, or life-force, or cosmic energy. It's the thing that allows us to shine with an abundance of positive energy. And, if you are in the middle of a chaotic life change or life transition, your experience could either increase it, so you flow and enjoy the journey, or decrease it with the potential of becoming vulnerable.

So, What Is This Life-Force Energy?

The yogis call the ‘joie de vivre’ Prana Vayu or Life Force Energy, and it is defined as how well you focus your mind on your breath!

It can help you Live Each Day Better .... by breathing slower:

  • you allow time for each cell within your body to find their rhythm of homeostasis, to restore their balance, then they rejuvenate from the damage of excess adrenaline in your system

  • your mind starts to recognise 'calmness' as a new state of being, rather than feeling the pressure to do more

  • your mind learns to create space between thought and action, which gives you time to make alternative choices

  • your organs won’t need to work quite as hard, which means it is more likely that they’ll support your body for a longer period of time, i.e. you’ll live longer

  • you'll feel more in control

There is an old yogic saying that we are born with so many breaths to live this life. So if you prolong your breath – you prolong your life.

Here’s an analogy:

Consider The average Breath

The average person will inhale and exhale about 10 to 13 breaths per minute ( which is about average). Most people breathe at a rate or 3 seconds to inhale and 3 seconds to exhale, so a total of 6 seconds per breath. Are you aware of how many times you inhale and exhale in one minute?

The amount of air taken in and expelled is called the tidal volume: The tidal volume of each 3 second breath is around 500ml (a small bottle of water to fuel your whole body). The average lung capacity is 6 litres, of which 1 litre is constant to keep the lungs inflated.

This means 10 breaths (10 x 500ml) in 60 seconds to fully aerate your lungs with 5 litres of air (the equivalent of 10 small bottles of water to fully aerate your lungs.

Compare with an Expanded Breath

Expanding your breath to a 6 second inhale and 6 second exhale (a total of 12 seconds for one breath). Each 12 seconds equates to 1 litre

This means 5 breaths x12 seconds each to inhale and exhale to aerate the whole body (rather than 10 breaths with a 3 second inhale and 3 second exhale).

This means that your body (heart, lungs, circulation, hormone production) need to work at least twice as hard just to sustain your mind and body with a shorter, 3 second inhale and 3 second exhale breath - as when in a state of Fight Flight or Freeze)

Experienced practitioners can build up to 10 or even 15 seconds per inhalation and exhalation; that's only two or three breaths per minute which means your heart, lungs, diaphragm only need to work at half or third the pace, suggesting they will last twice or three times longer - extending their life span.

It's Kinder To Your Body

Imagine how gentle these slower breaths are on the health of your vital organs?

Now, imagine how gentle these slower breaths are on the health of your vital organs?

It follows that your vital organs are working half as fast it means that they could sustain your body for a longer period of time .... potentially, live longer.

Just imagine the extra time you could create when faced with a compromised situation, if you just consciously slowed your breath down rather than letting the breath and emotions unconsciously take you down the road of Fight, Flight Freeze?

Is Being Healthy Enough?

Most people strive to be healthy. But we have the potential to be super healthy and super strong. We just need to have more patience, breath, focus, move and be aware.

Part of my Pathway to Peacefulness Programme which helps you to develop a personalised integrated, mind, body soul, spirit programme that will help you through the challenging times in your life.

Be Well, Be Safe, Be Vibrant

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