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A Community Class For Peace & Unity?

Every class at the Shala is a community .... so what would make another one any different?


Many people may not know this, that the word Shala is often translated as ‘a place of refuge’. And in creating this space our Shala prides itself in being an open space for absolutely everyone. And there is no need to identify the various sections of society that this might relate to.  Everyone is all-encompassing and needs no further explanation.

By this definition, every class we host is a community class.  However, within a society where ‘community’ and ‘diversity’ take centre stage plus the creation of a community class within the Shala, it might be worth exploring a deeper meaning of community within the modern life of technology, demands of time, work ethics, professionalism and social context.


What Is a Community?


One of the foundations of Clarity Yoga Shala is TRADITION.  Within the context of Buddhism, a community was referred to as SANGHA.  This is a Sanskrit word for ‘Association’, ‘Assembly’ ‘Community' or 'Company'.  And generally, about an ordained monk or nun.  Interestingly, the scripture suggests it applies to practitioners who have at least realised the benefits of ‘emptiness’.


Within the context of yoga, Sangha is also shared amongst yoga practitioners – especially with the onset of modern technology to bring groups of like-minded people together.  On a more local level, a Sangha can often help novice yoga practitioners assimilate within the yoga culture, often with the support of more experienced yoga practitioners who can share their experiences, lifestyle choices and stories of how they have used the practice to help navigate modern-day challenges.  Thus, offering HOPE to those setting out on their journey of self-discovery.


Do We Need a Community?


Sometimes we need a place to escape from the pressure of day-to-day life where there is no judgement, expectations and simply space.  Ideally where others will also understand.  AND there is space to be silent if wished to take refuge.


Some also say a place to gather strength or to feel safe, protected and receive soulful nourishment


"This is the role Sangha plays in supporting, protecting and nourishing us. In the Sangha, there is stability and joy "–




How Does Tradition Translate Into Modern-Life




Most people have experienced the side effects of excessive communication and information provided by technology along with pressure to ‘answer that call’ or ‘complete a task in record time’ often leading to a build-up of stress, anxiety, foggy thoughts, difficulty processing information, fatigue and the list goes on.  And sadly, even loneliness as we seem to receive a barrage of images of perfectly happy people seemingly able to cope well. Yet inside we may not be coping and there seems to be no-one within the everyday circle to express deep felt experiences. Then the world just seems to start falling apart.




What Would Be The Characteristics Of A Modern Yoga Sangha


From a series of in-depth interviews, it seems a community class based on the following topics could help some people cope better with the modern world of technology and high demands.

1)      A consideration of modern manners online, offline with self and others

2)      How to apply our innate knowledge and wisdom

3)      The application of equality within humanity

4)      Recognising our innate gifts  so they can shine

5)      The unsurpassed field of merit for the world

6)      Feeling worthy to receive

7)      The importance of self care


All In The Name Of Creating Peace Right Here Right Now .... & Peace For The Future

These moments of reflection can be explored using common yoga practices of deep rest within a yoga posture, techniques of concentration, focus, reflection, and journalling, thus enabling attendees to repeat the practices at home if they wish.


A Modern Interpretation

All our yoga classes and activities are built on the foundation of Community, and all are welcome.  There seems to be a space to sit in the community - a place to express opinions and thoughts that cannot easily be shared amongst our everyday kinship. 

I have personally noticed practitioners wanting to explore or share insights from Sunday Blues to Quantum Physics to How Do I Cope? And often comments are passed such as ‘I cannot discuss this with my friends” or ‘They’d think I’m crazy”

Yet there is so much wisdom around and all we need is a space to dwell peacefully within the moment to clear the mind. And a space to allow those seeds of wisdom to be nourished and grow.  Often developing practices of mindfulness, concentration, and focus for personal insights to evolve.

These are the inner practices of yoga which add depth to a physical practice.

So, a space to take refuge within a Shangha of protection free from expectations, demands or judgement may just be needed. And within that space to explore techniques to improve concentration, focus, reflect on insights or simply to Let Go. 


Be Part Of Something New

Classes will be held by our new Yoga Teacher - Amy Wilson. Watch out for her introductory blog🤩

She would love to hear your thoughts as our new class

evolves, If you would like to help co-create this class, please submit your views within this questionnaire. 

And if you are ready to join in, do register for classes starting on the 23rd of June at 6:00pm. Each class will be around an hour to 90mins - open for the next 6 weeks. And be part of a collaboration to create something new.

We look forward to sharing this new initiative with you.




Melanie Ashley

Your Holistic Health Guide

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